Zranione Ptaki series – this will happen by the end of August. Levent will be shocked to see this [19.08.2022 r.]

In the upcoming episodes of the “Wounded Birds” series: Unexpectedly, Nurgül resigns from his trip to Germany and returns to Durmus’ home. Levent suffers from losing Ömer. He also realizes that he cannot live without Meryem. Melis does everything to take advantage of the situation, when she sees a message from Meryem on Levent’s phone, he will delete it immediately … What else will happen in the series “Wounded Birds”? We present the abstracts of the latest episodes in the gallery

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Soon in the series “Hurt birds”: Ayse and Cemil experience the suffering of their closest friends very much, and at the same time they get closer to each other. Cemil suggests to Ayse that Safiye live with them. Tekin implements the last stage of its plan. He shows up to breakfast at Durmus’ house and still pretends to be a changed good man in front of Mery. At the same time, Levent arrives at Durmus’ house, intending to apologize to Meryem. She is shocked to see Ömer and the picture of a happy family with Tekin watching over Mery and Ömer.

Check what will happen in the newest episodes of the “Wounded Birds” series. You can find abstracts in the gallery

The original title of the series is “Yaralı Kuşlar”. It premiered in 2019. On TVP 2, the soap opera can be watched at 6:45 PM from Monday to Friday. According to Wikipedia, 165 episodes (one series) were broadcast in Turkey. The episodes on Polish television are about 45 minutes long. One episode of the Turkish original is about 55 minutes long, so the Polish and Turkish numbers do not match. The series is also available in the VOD service on the TVP website.


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