Zelenskiy’s moving speech at the UN forum. “Ukraine fell victim to a crime”

A crime was committed against Ukranie and we demand a just punishment … We demand a penalty for trying to steal our land, for the murder of thousands of people, for the crimes and humiliation of women and men he said Zelensky in a previously recorded speech in English.

Zelenskiy and “formula for peace”

Zelensky presented a five-point “formula for peace”, which he believed would lead to room on Ukraine and scare future aggressors from similar actions. As stated, his first and most important point is punishment for the crime. He announced that Ukraine will report to the UN forum creation proposal a special tribunalwho will judge Russian crimes and will seek redress for Ukraine.

The remaining points are protection of life, restoration of security (including food security) and territorial integrity, security guarantees and determination to defend themselves.

Zelensky against the temporary suspension of fighting

Zelenskiy also rejected ideas temporary suspension of fightingarguing that Russia will use this pause to wait out winter and preparation of military mobilization and another offensive against Ukraine.

You’ve probably heard Russians pretending to be ready for peace talks. They say so, and at the same time announce military mobilization and referenda in the occupied territories of Ukraine Zelenskiy said.

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