Zelenskiy in liberated cities: This is Bucza’s repetition

“This is a repeat of Bucza,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Izium and Balaklia, cities liberated from Russian occupation in the Kharkiv region in the north-east of the country. “We see the torture again, we see the ruins again,” he said.

I, seeing Izium and Balaklija … you cannot get used to such things, but after Bucza we will not be surprised by the actions of Russian terrorists. We will not be surprised because we see the same. Torture again, ruins again, schools, kindergartens – he added, quoted by the portal “Ukrainska Pravda”.

The Russians leave one and the same mark. I didn’t see anything new – emphasized Zelenski.

The president pointed out that the inhabitants of the liberated Izium were shocked. They don’t understand what is happening. For half a year there has been no light, no water, no electricity. They lived under occupation for half a year and they were afraid of war. They are basically afraid of any changes Zelenskiy said.

Ukrainian Pravda reports that the head of state called the first part of the operation a success to liberate the occupied territories. The president also admitted that Ukraine was on a counteroffensive it suffered losses in manpower and military equipment, but the Russian military also abandoned a lot of equipment – wrote the portal.

Earlier, Zelenskiy reported that, as a result of the ongoing attack by Ukrainian troops in the east, the authorities in Kiev regained full control of over 4,000 square kilometers of territory recaptured from the hands of the Russians. Stabilization measures are underway in the next 4,000 square kilometers – He said.

Bucha, the city near Kiev mentioned by the President of Ukraine, is one of the symbols of the crimes committed by the Russian Federation’s troops during the invasion that started on February 24. According to the authorities in and around Bucza over 400 people died. Overall, according to June data, over 1,300 bodies were found in towns near Kijev.

Bucha was occupied by Russian troops for 33 days. After their displacement by Ukrainian forces, victims of Russian crimes were found in the city – civilians killed in the streets and bodies laid in mass graves. Some of the victims had their hands tied.

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