Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant reconnected. To the Ukrainian network

As noted by the organization, its representatives learned on Saturday that one of the four main power lines connecting the power plant with the Ukrainian grid had been repaired.

The line provides the energy needed to cool the reactors and other essential safety functions of the power plant.

All main lines were damaged as a result of hostilities. About 500 Russian soldiers are stationed on the site of the power plant. The invading army fired at the gym several times, creating a risk of the release of radioactive substances. Moscow has always accused Kyiv of these incidents.

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All reactors of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant are turned off, however, they still need energy to fulfill their safety functions. From September 5, the power plant does not produce energy for external recipients, such as households or factories, emphasizes the IAEA.

A week ago, the Ukrainian concern Enerhoatom announced the shutdown as part of its security measures the last working block of the power plant. Previously, the block produced energy only for the needs of the power plant.

Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, the facility was seized by the aggressor.

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