Zakopianka already with light in the key tunnel. We know the date of commissioning the new road

Zakopianka requires a few more months of work, but you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it is literally. Workers have completed their work inside this key facility, but that is not enough to be considered an investment finished.

The construction of Zakopianka still requires road works related to the access to the portal from the south, as well as finishing and cleaning works from the north. Finally, road builders have to check that all the equipment are working properly.

View of the construction site from the northern portal. The works are already close to the end. It remains to clean the area and put it into use / GDDKiA / photo: GDDKiA

Construction of Zakopianka / GDDKiA / photo: GDDKiA

Construction of Zakopianka, what stage is the tunnel at?

A long-awaited tunnel with a length 2.06 km located under the mountain Luboń Mały is one of the most important road investments in Poland. Thanks to the drilling, the route for drivers going from Krakow to Zakopane and the other way around has been significantly shortened. It is one of the longest road tunnels in Poland, as well as a key element of the whole routes S7 and alone Zakopianki.

– We predict that in mid-September exercises of the rescue services will begin, and the acceptance of individual systems will begin at the turn of August and September, because each installation requires a separate acceptance – said Iwona Mikrut from the Krakow branch GDDKiA.

S7 tunnel packed with systems (video)

In the S7 Naprawa-Skomielna Biała tunnel the operation of radio warning signals has already been tested. Drivers will be able to hear them in the receivers they have in their cars.

Zakopianka, we know the planned completion date

This time the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways avoids administration exact date final completion of construction. It all depends on when the tunnel for driversbecause individual pickups can lengthen the whole process. There is a good chance that Zakopianka will be ready before the end the fourth quarter this year. If all goes to plan, drivers will be able to test the route before the start of the ski season.

The deadline for completion of works in Zakopianka was already repeatedly moved. First, the date was given at the end of 2021, then it was postponed to February this year. due to delays in the construction of the tunnel. Another cut-off date is set for the end of June. The contractor argued another delay pandemic and lack of employees. It also took its toll unfavorable weather. Hence the decisions to increase the time buffer by another month.

Zakopianka and the S7 expressway

The S7 expressway is one of the key arteries in the country. It connects north and south, from Gdansk to Rabki-Zdrój. The entire route counts over 700 kmand the thread runs through the largest cities: GdanskElbląg, Warsaw, Radom, Kielce and Krakow.

The S7 road is also part of Zakopianka on the section from Kraków to Rabka-Zdrój. The route continues along the national road No. 47.

The road tunnel in Zakopianka is practically ready. Only finishing works at the entrance portals remained. / GDDKiA / photo: GDDKiA

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