You will see yourself again in this lens. Meet the smartphone designed to capture important moments

We expect from a modern smartphone not only to be fast, elegant and long-lasting on a single charge. A well-designed device should understand what the user’s needs are. It must be extraordinary, standing out from a crowd of similar devices. Smartphones that have all the best in them are making their debut on the Polish market. The unique design also hides unique innovations inside. It’s about the new Huawei nova 10 series.

When will we be able to find out that our device is equipped with a device of blood and bone? And is there anything more important than capturing the most important moments in our lives? It is difficult to achieve good results in this area without an exceptional camera. The Huawei nova 10 Pro smartphone has two front cameras that attract attention with their capabilities and are perfect for e.g. portraits.

Huawei nova 10Huawei nova 10 Promotional material

Shoot with precision that will surprise you. Portray yourself thanks to groundbreaking innovation

The main camera of the nova 10 series is based on the unique Ultra Vision module with a resolution of 50 megapixels. The manufacturer will also add a camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels with an ultra-wide lens and a dedicated eye for analyzing the depths. Not only the glass, but also the sensor are responsible for the spectacular effects. In this case it is large – it measures 1 / 1.56 of an inch. It guarantees a high sensitivity to light, which allows users to take high-quality pictures.

There is also another key innovation for the quality of photos – the RYYB color filter matrix created by Huawei engineers. How does it work? Replaces the green pixels in the sensor with these, increasing the light consumption by 40 percent. The camera’s light sensitivity is ISO 400000. This is not only a theory, such parameters allow to effectively improve performance in low light. Effect? Clear photos full of fine details – even at night.

Perfect photos would not be possible without the support of artificial intelligence. Huawei will create unique algorithms that analyze the composition, amplify the light, correct the brightness of the skin and shadows – in three dimensions. This also allows you to improve performance in both front lighting, backlight and dynamic range. It is thanks to this solution that the nova 10 Pro works so well as a smartphone for portraits and selfies.

The Motion Blur feature is also amazing. It allows you to change the city landscape with one button, the light of passing cars, chasing behind your back into amazing, pulsating with life and what is “here and now”.

Unique as a photo Huawei will receive thanks to one more innovation. The lightning-fast quad phase-detection autofocus and zero shutter lag technology capture the moment – before the subjects move, before the object passing in front of the lens disappears. This solution will work especially in all dynamic solutions – when we want to capture sports, races or a concert in the lens.

Huawei nova 10Huawei nova 10 Promotional material

Breakthrough front camera. The market has not seen anything like this yet

The biggest breakthrough, however, is the front Multi-Vision camera in the Huawei nova 10 Pro. For the first time, an ultra-wide lens with a 60-megapixel matrix was introduced to the front camera of a smartphone, combined with an additional 8-megapixel camera with a lens for close-ups and portraits. In turn, the large, measuring 1 / 2.61 inch matrix is ​​able to handle photos and movies in the 4K standard. Your friends and family will finally fit in every frame, and portraits will be presented to you even more favorably!

The front camera of the Huawei nova 10 pro model is unique for one more reason. It is an extremely fast autofocus with quad phase detection. Effect? Perfect sharpness even with changing backgrounds and textures, movement, laughter, grimacing, and changing poses. The smartphone remains focused on you. Nobody likes photos that would be perfect if they weren’t blurred.

Don’t waste your time and charge your smartphone ultrafast

The Huawei nova 10 Pro uses the groundbreaking 100W Huawei SuperCharge charging system. The name fully reflects the fast, because charging the device from 20 to 80 percent. takes only 10 minutes. Fueling up to full energy is quick too – it only takes 20 minutes. The engineers of the Chinese giant made sure that the entire process was carried out in a safe manner – the smartphone is equipped with a new internal heat dissipation system and protection against overheating.

The 15-layer liquid-filled system is particularly effective in keeping the unit cool during normal operation. Playing, talking, filming, everything that requires the processor to be in top speed will not translate into an uncomfortably heated device.

Not only innovation, but also a beautiful form

The approach to design goes hand in hand with exceptional innovations. It is innovative, fresh, just beautiful. A simple block with slightly rounded corners is almost completely filled with a display folded on the sides. The boundaries between the screen and the housing have become almost invisible, only marked by a stylish black edge. Noteworthy is the discreet but powerful camera perfectly embedded in the top corner of the display.

Behind the scenes, in turn, is an island with a camera. The unique prestige of the device is emphasized by a triple golden border. Next to it there is also a discreet LED for light.

These other features of the nova 10 Pro also deserve your attention. We are dealing here with, for example, an exceptional OLED screen, which is not only curved, but can display an image at a frequency of 120 Hz. The positive experience is also added by the EMUI 12 interface supported by artificial intelligence. Nova 10 Pro also has a lot of space for data (256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM memory) and easy file exchange, especially thanks to the Huawei Super Device solution.

Huawei once again presented devices that can be considered groundbreaking. The front camera may compete with the main cameras for the first time. Huawei believes that capturing the moment is the most important. No matter if we want to capture landscapes, friends or ourselves.

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