You can fit your family here, sports equipment, and there will still be plenty of room. You will not lack luxury in this van

A car should not only be useful, but also make us feel at home in it. Luxurious interiors have so far been reserved exclusively for limousines and SUVs. Despite their great advantages, however, they have certain shortcomings, which are especially visible when we lead an active lifestyle or have a large family.

The pragmatism of a van meets the luxury of a Mercedes. The only such model on the market

Mercedes, one of the most recognized car manufacturers in the world, has launched a vehicle that completely changes the rules of the game. It is the only such small premium van available on the market. Yes, a car of this type can also be luxurious and not only pragmatic. The Mercedes-Benz T-Class is a model that combines pragmatism with a love of high quality. It is perfect for those who practice sports and spend time actively, also with family.

What does this model offer? In addition to the compact size, we have here sliding side doors on both sides of the cabin. It is thanks to them that we gain easy access to the interior. This solution will make it easier to get in and out of the car. It is also easier to remove ski equipment, bicycles or other types of accessories necessary for various activities. The engineers made sure that there was not enough space inside. Despite its compact size, the car can be considered spacious. The whole family can easily fit here with the equipment necessary to experience a dream adventure.

Mercedes, promotional materialMercedes, promotional material

Go multitasking

But why is it worth considering buying a car from the van segment at all? Experts consider them the best when it comes to multitasking. Over the years, the practical function of transporting more people from A to B has prevailed.

Mercedes decided to break with this tradition and create a vehicle that, on the one hand, will allow family or friends to travel comfortably, and, on the other hand, will make it easier to get in and out, take out skis, bicycles, diving equipment, towing boats, kayaks and pontoons. All this is now possible without sacrificing luxury.

An interior that invites you to go on an adventure. You can live an active and luxurious life

What can passengers count on? Mercedes made sure that the interior of its car resembled other vehicles of the brand, which are a symbol of luxury. It is not only about the choice of materials, such as the Neotex fabric with a delicate texture, or the quality of finishing details. The Mercedes-Benz T-Class offers a whole series of amenities. The driver and front passenger seat has a heating system. Regulation may take place here in many planes.

Noteworthy is also the support of the lumbar region in the driver’s seat, which is especially important during all long journeys. Designers also made sure that the car had numerous handy storage compartments. We find them here in the armrest and in the center of the console. With the new Mercedes car it will be easier to set off even on a long journey, because the seats are equipped with folding tables. The ambient lighting of the ambient type and the THERMOTRONIC automatic air conditioning are responsible for the mood and good atmosphere. The driver and passengers can relax on the road thanks to the digital radio and the MBUX system, which controls the multimedia and other functions of the car using the seven-inch screen and Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel. The latest Mercedes is much more digital – MBUX also enables the use of remote services, which, for example, allow you to close the door using a smartphone.

The design of the car also makes it easier to lead an active lifestyle. The loading space and the possibility of towing a trailer weighing up to 1500 kg will make the car suitable even if we approach the sport in a more professional way.

Mercedes, promotional materialMercedes, promotional material

Feel comfortable with systems that take care of you and your passengers

Mercedes has also proved that a van can be equipped with many modern technologies known from luxury cars. It is not only about a properly designed chassis, which absorbs even the bumpiest roads and allows you to stick to sharp turns. On board you will find both cruise control and parking support functions such as camera, reversing and sensors.

The Mercedes-Benz T-Class as a family car would not be complete without special seats for children. In this case, the manufacturer made it possible to install as many as three iSize child seats and a place for a booster seat for the fourth child. Safety is also enhanced by seven airbags.

Family and luxurious, just beautiful

The fact that Mercedes has created a truly luxurious car, we can see by looking at its body, available in this segment only for the T-Class beautiful, metallic paint rubelite red and a chrome radiator grille with a visible emblem characteristic and recognizable everywhere the stars. The premium style is also emphasized by the new-generation High Performance LED flat headlamps and even 17-inch wheel rims and details such as the door handles and mirrors painted in body color.

The Mercedes-Benz T-Class is breaking the mold. It gives passengers the freedom to choose, allows you to experience adventures, it is the embodiment of what the more demanding people expect from a practical car. As you can see, you don’t have to give up luxury.

Mercedes, promotional materialMercedes, promotional material

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