Xbox Game Pass in 2023! I’m looking forward to these confirmed releases the most

Xbox Game Pass in 2023!  I’m looking forward to these confirmed releases the most

Xbox Game Pass in 2023! I’m looking forward to these confirmed releases the most

What can I say – Game Pass has always seemed to me an excellent offer and the best (in the context of the price-quality ratio) opportunity to check out many great games. Practically from the very beginning I was a fan of the initiative itself and I looked with optimism at the direction in which everything would develop there. I benefited from the last generation, I played a bit on PC, but …

Only on the occasion of putting the Xbox Series X at home, I fully appreciated it. The service itself gave me so much joy, which I did not expect before. I saw and knew it was fantastic, but the scale of possibilities it offers is something incomparably large. As soon as I looked through the catalog thoroughly, I found a double-digit number of items that I would love to play.

And of course I started doing it right away! And then I realized that there are still a lot of premieres on the horizon. And it is this topic that I would like to address in today’s text. I have prepared ten items, which will debut in Game Pass in 2023and which I am most looking forward to. All of the following have already been confirmed, so all that remains is to wait patiently for the openings!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The Action-RPG game from Team Ninja sounds so good in itself that it probably doesn’t even need to describe what we’ll be dealing with here to be properly impressed. If, however, it is added that everything will be located in an alternative version of ancient China, then the matter becomes very serious. And so it will be – and the premiere is really close. I can’t wait!

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Yes, yes – I know – this title has already made its debut, and everyone who wanted to play it has probably already done so. However, I had a very short adventure with the game myself and did not have the opportunity to stay in the Tokyo world for longer. On the occasion of the premiere in Game Pass, I will definitely make up for it properly, because the very atmosphere of Japan resonates with me very much. Mandatory title to check on the service!

Planet of Lana

I wrote about this title some time ago on the occasion of the most anticipated indie games of the coming year. The hand-painted 2D platformer impresses in many ways, but the most important aspect is undoubtedly the unusual mechanics of using our feline companion (although it is difficult to determine whether it is this species). Anyway, be sure to check it out if you get the chance.

Forza Motorsport

In May (although we still don’t know the exact day) the latest, eighth installment of the cult racing series from Microsoft will appear. I am convinced that after the experience that we managed to gain in the previous two parts of Forza Horizon, we will get the best part so far. A lot of cars, lots of routes, excellent driving physics and wonderful graphics. I can’t wait!


An adventure game set in 1980s America? I take it in the dark! And even despite a slight tweaking of the climate towards futurism, it still makes a great impression. And since I have a weakness for dystopian adventure games, it seems to me that I will find myself here like a fish in water. The team from Sad Cat Studios still makes us wait for the release date, but I have no doubt that it’s just worth it.


As for this title, even though it’s relatively small, I’ve already written a separate text about it – you can find it here. It has to do with who is responsible for it – after all, we are talking about a creator who has two such great hits as Limbo and Inside in his portfolio. As I am a huge fan of both productions, I am waiting for Cocoon with great impatience.


I have the impression that we still know very little about this title. It seems that from time to time specific information appears, as if important information is coming in, but the quality still seems poor. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to this release so much. It promises to be a great fight against vampires, and the ability to face them in multiplayer mode can make the game go from good to very good.

Minecraft: Legends

There’s not much philosophy here. I see Minecraft, I’m interested. And since we will be dealing with a completely new game in an angular universe, I will definitely check it out on the day of its release. The original is my game of all time, Minecraft Dungeons gave me (and still gives me) a lot of fun in cooperation with my fiancée, and the upcoming production, which is supposed to focus on strategic elements, will probably also appeal to him.

Erbean: Shadow Legacy

Very little is known about this production. It was first presented during the last Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and since then it has been relatively quiet around it. Nevertheless, the trailer does a great job, and the description mentioning an action-packed stealth game and fictional vibes works like a magnet on me. I will check for sure.


Almost everything has been said and written about this title. Bethesda’s latest project, or – approaching it pathologically – “Skyrim in space”. Of course, I `m joking. This is one of the most anticipated titles of 2023 for me, and the fact that it will appear on the first day as part of the Game Pass service is a real pleasure. I will not hesitate and will embark on intergalactic voyages without hesitation.

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