Wranione Ptaki series – this will happen at the beginning of September. Melis is trying to kill Meryem! [24.08.2022]

We check what will happen at the beginning of September 2022 in the series “Hurt birds”. Melis decides to finally deal with her rival … Meryem gets trapped in a sauna and barely survives. When she goes to the intensive care unit, Melis will try to disconnect the life support equipment. As a result of an intrigue, Levent will be charged with murder. We present the summaries of the latest episodes of the “Wounded Birds” series in the gallery.

Tastes of Kujawy and Pomerania – season 4 episode 30

In September, in the series “Hurt birds”: Levent and the family are concerned about Meryem’s disappearance. They have no idea that the girl is stuck in a sauna and maybe soon she will pay for it with her life. The excited Melis is looking forward to the information about the death of her rival. Meryem will eventually be hospitalized. Melis sneaks into her room – the woman decides to disconnect the life-support apparatus and get rid of her rival … The police appear in the mansion and arrest Levent, accusing him of murdering Kudret Kara. They are all shocked, have no idea who the murder victim is and what Levent might have to do with it.

Check what will happen at the beginning of September 2022 in the series “Hurt birds”. You can find abstracts in the gallery

The original title of the series is “Yaralı Kuşlar”. It premiered in 2019. On TVP 2, the soap opera can be watched at 6:45 PM from Monday to Friday. According to Wikipedia, 165 episodes (one series) were broadcast in Turkey. The episodes on Polish television are about 45 minutes long. One episode of the Turkish original is about 55 minutes long, so the Polish and Turkish numbers do not match. The series is also available in the VOD service on the TVP website.

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