Wounded Birds series – we know what’s going to happen this week. Melis will not miss such a chance! [18.08.2022]

Levent fears he may lose Ömer and Meyr. He orders DNA testing, but Melis will outsmart him … In the coming week, in the “Wounded Birds” series, we will witness a sad break-up. Ömer and Meyrem will leave the residence … Will they also leave Turkey? Check out what will happen in the “Wounded Birds” series after the weekend. In the gallery you will find summaries of the latest episodes of the series.

After the weekend in the series “Zranione birds”: Cemil decides to confess his love to Ayse and informs her that they need to have a serious talk. He asks his “wife” to take their time off and, to her surprise, serves Ayse breakfast in bed. Levent and Ömer spend their last joyful and carefree moments together. Ömer leaves the residence. Everyone, including Levent, is despairing about this breakup. Levent loses hope for happiness and a new family. Meanwhile, Tekin and Melis triumph.

Check what will happen in the newest episodes of the “Wounded Birds” series. You can find abstracts in the gallery

Tugba Tutug has quite a lot of experience with performances in front of the public - she appeared on the stage when she was 10 years old.  In addition to acting, she is passionate about dancing, skating and skateboarding.  Viewers know her from the series "Wounded birds"that we write about often.  The Turkish telenovela can be watched on TVP 2.

Ayşe from the “Wounded Birds” series in vacation pictures. This …

From March 2022, you can watch a new Turkish soap opera on TVP “Wounded Birds”. The action of the series is set in the realities of modern Turkey. The main theme revolves around the fate of Meryem and her younger brother Ömer. She took care of the baby for five years. The boy appeared in their family when she was a teenager. Someone gave it to her father, Durmus. He wanted to sell the child, but was arrested. They love each other like siblings, stick together, and their strong love helps them overcome all the adversities of this world.


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