Wounded Birds series – this will happen after the weekend and in early October. Safiye beats his daughter in the face [28.09.2022]

The Turkish series “Wounded Birds” replaced the beloved by viewers “Elif”. Polish viewers also liked the new production from the Bosphorus. “Zranione birds” is a series that is broadcast from Monday to Friday on TVP 2. Check out what’s new after the last weekend of September and at the beginning of October in episodes of Turkish production.

Watch the video; Flavors Season 4, Episode 34 (Goose):

From March 2022, you can watch a new Turkish soap opera on TVP “Wounded Birds”. The action of the series is set in the realities of modern Turkey. The main plot revolves around the fate of Meryem and her younger brother Ömer. She took care of the baby for five years. The boy appeared in their family when she was a teenager. Someone gave it to her father, Durmus. He wanted to sell the child, but was arrested. They love each other like siblings, stick together, and their strong love helps them overcome all the adversities of this world.

Check what will happen after the last weekend of September and at the beginning of October in the series “Hurt birds”. You can find abstracts in the gallery

The original title of the series is “Yaralı Kuşlar”. It premiered in 2019. On TVP 2, the soap opera can be watched at 6:45 PM from Monday to Friday. According to Wikipedia, 165 episodes (one series) were broadcast in Turkey. The episodes on Polish television are about 45 minutes long. One episode of the Turkish original is about 55 minutes long, so the Polish and Turkish numbers do not match. The series is also available in the VOD service on the TVP website.


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