World Champion: “I rate Poland’s chances in the semi-final with Brazil 50 out of 50”

Poles match with The United States it was probably the most exciting meeting during the World Cup.

Paweł Czado: It’s hard to fall asleep after such a meeting.

Marcin Możdźonek, world champion from 2014: – Indeed, it was a great game. The kind that separates boys from men. The Americans, although the beginning was not theirs, nor thought to give up. Thanks to this, we watched “hard volleyball”, the game was not only exciting because of the emotions, but also because of the very high level presented by both teams.

Our team showed in this match how strong they are mentally. She was able to go through a very difficult moment and finish the game in great style. I believe that the Poles won this match in their heads. The Americans finally broke, and it was not because of their weakness, but because of the strength and great performance of our team.

Our volleyball players say that they will remember this match for a long time.

– Nothing unusual. Such Olek Śliwka: it was said that he had a “hole”, and he was great against the Americans. I even think that it was his best match in the Polish national team! Or Kamil Semeniuk … I do not fully understand why coach Grbić dragged him off the court for so long. The most important thing, however, is that the boy returned in the tie-break, showed his sporting anger and gave this team the best in the most important moments.

Polish volleyball players emphasize mutual loyalty in their statements. They praise each other, you can feel it’s authentic.

– Indeed, I notice it. After twenty years of playing, I can recognize this state and that’s what it is now. They are united by their willingness to achieve a great goal. you can see that they really feel good with each other and have taken one direction.

Now the match against Brazil, our volleyball players are excited about it. Marcin Janusz said that as a child he admired this team, and now he will have the opportunity to face it in the semi-finals of the world championship.

– The Brazilians are not so great when they won the world championship three times in a row, but they are still the absolute top of the world volleyball. This semi-final will be as difficult as meeting the Americans, if not more difficult! I estimate the chances of 50 out of 50. However, I believe in our team because it plays great, and it has shown that it can cope with the most difficult situations.

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