Winning the lottery became his curse. Today he regrets breaking his daughter’s piggy bank

Anoop hails from the city of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state of Kerala in southern India. Before winning the lottery, he worked as a driver. However, this job did not bring much income, so he wanted to go to Malaysia to work as a cook there. He also applied for a loan to expand the house.

Huge money changed his life. The man smashed his daughter’s piggy bank, bought a ticket and won 250 million rupees in the lottery. The news spread quickly around the area. Journalists and neighbors began knocking on Anoop to congratulate him. But human kindness quickly turned into a nuisance. More people expected the man to give them a share of the winnings. Some even came with specific calculations. It was getting dangerous outside his house.

– We feel trapped inside our own home because people keep invading us. Even when my son was sick, I was unable to take him to the hospital because people blocked my gate. I have not yet received this money and I have not made a decision what to do with it – Anoop told

– Now I wish I had won at all. At first, we really enjoyed the media attention and good wishes from people. But now it has become a total headache. I plan to help people, but this decision will be made much later – he added.

His wife told reporters that they did not want to spend the money won for at least two years.

– I feel like I shouldn’t have won the first prize. A second or third prize instead of the first one could have been better. It wouldn’t cause that many problems in my life, said Anoop.


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