Winners of the Public Media Awards 2022. Among them are Andrzej Zybertowicz

Winners of the Public Media Awards 2022. Among them are Andrzej Zybertowicz

Winners of the Public Media Awards 2022. Among them are Andrzej Zybertowicz

During the gala, which took place on Monday at the Warsaw headquarters of TVP, the winners were announced Public Media Awards 2022. The statuette in the “Word” category, funded by PAP, went to sociologist prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz – advisor to Andrzej Duda. The jury appreciated him for “showing social and political reality as it really is, and not in a version consistent with political correctness”. “Andrzej Zybertowicz’s work is neither ordinary nor extraordinary literature, but non-fiction. A scientific fact noticed by a keen sociologist, explained and interpreted without regard to the current “scientific” trends” – reads the justification.

Receiving the award, Prof. Zybertowicz admitted: “As it happens in life, I don’t know what it’s about again.” “Especially because I remembered reading Ernest Bryll’s The November Thing in high school about 50 years ago. It is incomprehensible to me how I could surpass him today. Thank you very much,” he emphasized. The jury of the “Word” category was composed of: Joanna Siedlecka, Krzysztof Masłoń, Wojciech Tomczyk, Andrzej Mastalerz and Radosław Gil.

Renata Przemyk resigns from the Public Media Award

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is very nice to be noticed and awarded, especially if you are an independent artist and the award is accompanied by a large amount of money. I regret to inform you even more, already at the nomination stage, that I could not accept this award. The program line of public media diverges with my worldview line. We also have different views on women’s rights, tolerance, art and freedom of speech. I still grieve for the former Three, who taught us to think independently and ironically, “we read in the published message.

The singer further emphasizes that “although it may end with the nomination itself” – she could not wait any longer. “At the time of the announcement, resignation from the award received would have a stronger connotation. However, if I was not awarded the award, my silent expectation could be treated as hope of receiving it, and I would not want even a shadow of doubt to remain. Respect to the jury!” she added.

Category “Music”

Conductor Łukasz Borowicz received the award in the “Music” category, sponsored by Polish Radio. As mentioned in the justification for the nomination, his discography includes over a hundred albums, including those with the Polish Radio Orchestra and Konzerthausorchester Berlin, including all violin concertos by Grażyna Bacewicz and the complete symphonic works by Andrzej Panufnik, for which he was honored with the Special Achievement Award. Feliks Nowowiejski’s Quo Vadis, recorded with the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, was awarded the ICMA 2018 award in the Choral Music category. He has recorded almost eight hundred works for the Polish Radio, the largest part of his “radio output” being the works of the Quartet, Ścierański Quartet. “Łukasz Borowicz is a conductor, an invaluable promoter of Polish music, also abroad,” the jury concluded.

During the gala, Borowicz thanked the Polish Radio and all the musicians he worked with because, as he noted, “a conductor does not sound without musicians”. He added that without the support of the radio station and the musicians performing on its air, it would not be possible to promote Polish music around the world. “This is a great contribution of all Polish musicians, excellent artistic ensembles of the Polish Radio, as well as the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Polish Radio Choir, and all other excellent Polish ensembles. honor to lead as Music Director,” he said. The jury of the “Music” category included: Piotr Beczała, Józef Skrzek, Krzysztof Herdzin, Katarzyna Moś and Krzysztof Ścierański.

“Image” category

The statuette in the “Image” category, funded by TVP, went to director and screenwriter Maria Dłużewska. “For documentaries on historical topics, openness to the world and care for Polish heritage, for consistent awareness raising, creative use of modern media techniques to strengthen patriotic attitudes,” reads the justification.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dłużewska pointed out that she was giving this award to the heroes of her films, without whom they would never have been made. “I’m talking about all the heroes, but above all about the time between 2010 and 2015, when I had the great happiness and honor to work with the best, smartest, people most affected by the so-called fate at that time,” she clarified. “I have no words to thank them for the honor that they wanted to trust us and let us describe their fate, the fate of Poland, in a film,” she explained. The “Image” category jury included: Aneta Woźniak, Anna Popek, Przemysław Babiarz, Paweł Rzewuski and Jerzy Kopański.

Category “Idea”

The statuette in the “Idea” category, awarded by the presidents of 17 regional Polish Radio stations, was awarded to the poet, singer and composer Leszek Długosz for “consistently proving with his many years of artistic activity that the heritage of national culture is not subject to condemnatory quarrels, but to the highest values, such as truth, goodness and beauty.”

The award was received by journalist Maciej Zdziarski on behalf of the laureate. “When last year, on November 11, Leszek Długosz was awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland with the highest and most honorable Polish decoration – the Order of the White Eagle, I thought to myself that it was an award for a great artist, for a great personality and a man who can be an example for us. also an award for a certain idea – as the category in which Leszek Długosz won today is called – that public radio would unite us into a great community of spirit” – he mentioned.

In the recording played during the gala, Leszek Długosz thanked for the distinction. He mentioned that he has been associated with the Polish Radio for over half a century as a singer, composer and columnist. He said that the purpose of his artistic activity was to promote music that strengthens well-being and leads to the conclusion that thanks to the achievements of Polish culture “it is worth being a Pole”. “If I contribute to this, it means that my life was for something more,” he assessed.

“This gala is a tribute that the public media pays to the creators of Polish culture

Summarizing the ceremony, the chairman of the National Media Council, Krzysztof Czabański, noted that “this gala is a tribute paid by the public media to the creators of Polish culture”. “Thank you, Majka,” I say to Mrs. Dłużewska, “for documenting history, those fragments of history that were supposed to be forgotten or repressed. And you do it consistently and with great courage. Let’s not be afraid to say it,” he said.

The head of the RMN also expressed his gratitude to the other winners. “I would also like to thank the public media, all public media companies, for offering such a broad and rich offer – and here are examples of both nominees and winners – you offer your audience. Thanks to this, you are very strong on the media market. turns out not only TVP – and it’s very good that TVP is very strong, it’s number one – but also Polish Radio, as real research was finally done, not based on surveys sent out by commercial media (…) – it turned out that Grupa Radiowa, because that’s how you have to treat Programs of Polish Radio has a listenership comparable to that of the market leader, i.e. RMF” – he assessed.

He also pointed out that “if we add the listenership of regional stations – it is the undisputed number one on the radio market.” “But the fact that we have such a reality, that these companies are so strong, which I congratulate both the management and all employees (…) – it is due to the level of your offer (…). You can present such an offer to viewers, listeners or readers , I did not mention the Polish Press Agency, the president will forgive me – this is the merit of all those artists with whom you work on a daily basis” – summed up Czabański.

source: Onet, PAP

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