Windows 11. The KB5016629 update causes problems

Windows 11 received KB5016629 update in August. While it fixed several bugs that system users faced, it also led to new and persistent problems.

The latest update for Windows 11, KB5016629, is causing some problems for users. While Microsoft has managed to fix some persistent problems, such as the problem with the working “Start” menu, by the way, there were other things that stopped working properly.

The main problem of the Windows 11 August update is problems with its installation. How notice journalists of the website, many Microsoft system users who want to download the latest patch for Windows encounter an error that interrupts the installation process. In this case, the download is reportedly very slow, and then you get a message that the update was installed aborted.

However, this is only the first of the problems associated with the latest Windows 11 update. The KB5016629 update also makes it difficult to use the system in other respects. After downloading it, there are problems with using the XPS Viewer application.

Users of this software may have difficulty opening XPS documents in some languages. Among them were Japanese and Chinese. The error affects both XMPS and OXPS files.

This error also causes the CPU usage to increase significantly when trying to run the XPS file. In addition, the application increases the use of RAM – even up to 2.5 GB.

Karol KoĊ‚towski, journalist of

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