Windows 10 is coming to an end. We know when it will disappear from sale

Windows 10 is coming to an end.  We know when it will disappear from sale

Windows 10 is coming to an end. We know when it will disappear from sale

Although Windows 10 is still very popular, we can slowly observe how Microsoft is preparing to push it into the shadows. This is quite ironic, after all, Windows 10 was supposed to be the last classic operating system offered by the company.

Microsoft is slowly saying goodbye to Windows 10. The system, which is still very popular, is already being pushed aside. Soon its sale will end, and thus, users will be somehow forced to switch to a newer version of the operating system offered by Microsoft – Windows 11.

On the official Microsoft website we can see a message saying that on January 31, 2023, the possibility of downloading the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft’s website will end. From now on, users will have to lean towards the newer version of the system – Windows 11. However, this does not mean the end of support.

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To be honest, Windows 10 support won’t last very long. This will end on October 14, 2025, just over ten years after launch. Although a decade is quite a long time in the world of electronics, Windows 10 probably does not age badly. This is evidenced by the number of users of this system.

We can see the share of Windows 10 in the PC market based on data from Globally, this version of the system is still used by 67.95 percent. desktop users. Windows 11 is a system used by less than 17 percent in December 2022. users. For comparison – outdated Windows 7 can boast a result of 11.2 percent.

In Poland Windows 10 is doing even better. In December 2022, it was used by 77.41 percent. personal computer users. Windows 11 spoke to only 12.96 percent. people from this group. Windows 7 is still running at 6.67%. PCs.

From the data, you can guess that it is quite intrusive to encourage users to switch from a well-known one Windows 10 for the newer, but not without flaws, Windows 11 does not perform well. Microsoft is taking radical steps to force customers to become interested in the new system. The question of whether such a policy will benefit users remains open.

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