William’s alleged lover disappears from the court. It will be omitted at the coronation of Charles III

The aristocrat and filmmaker David Rocksavage enjoyed great recognition as Lord Chamberlain during the Queen’s lifetime. This means that he was one of the most important officials of the royal court in Great Britain, dealing with its organization and operation. As the Daily Mail explains, the man had to walk backwards in front of the monarch during the state opening of Parliament, as long as the queen was on the throne.

The death of Elizabeth II marks the reshuffle of this position – it was taken over by the Seventh Lord Carrington, whose late father served as Foreign Minister under Margaret Thatcher. The 73-year-old greeted the new king and Consort Queen Camilla when they came to Westminster Hall for His Majesty’s speech to Parliament. He will have more to do during his coronation.

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“David always knew it wasn’t a job for life,” a Rocksavage friend told the Daily Mail. “It was an honor for him to be able to do it for so long,” he added. The loss of an important position results from tradition – after the death of the monarch, it passes to a member of another aristocratic family.

The ex-lord and his wife, the ex-model Rose Hanbury, would no longer be frequent visitors to the court. Maybe it will silence the rumors that have been circulating for years about the woman’s relationship with William. According to British tabloids, the two were once connected by a hot romance. The fact that Rose was considered a friend of Kate Middleton was even more spicy. She was just a stone’s throw away from it – David’s family estate is located near Anmer Hall, the country home of the princely couple.

Hanbury and Rockasavage, 24 years her senior, got married in 2009. The brunette gave birth to three children: twins Alexander and Oliver and a daughter, Iris. Some have suggested that the girl’s father is the heir to the throne. Anyway, it was puzzling to cool down the relationship between the Duchess and the aristocrat she had been close to before. Kate was to demand that Rose be removed from the immediate circles.

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