Will the stores be open or closed on Sunday, August 28, 2022?

Sunday, August 28, 2022 is the fifth Sunday this year without a trade ban. This means that larger stores will be open, and full operation will also include shopping malls.

In 2022 – as in 2021 – there are seven commercial Sundays. Until now, the ban did not apply during the last Sunday in January, April, June and the Sunday preceding Easter. There will be three more trading Sundays until the end of this year. The exceptions will be: the last Sunday in August and the next two Sundays before Christmas.

This means that on Sunday, August 28, the stores will be open. The next trading Sunday will fall on December 11.


Ban on trading on Sundays

The act introducing a gradual ban on Sunday trading entered into force on March 1, 2018. The regulations provide for a catalog of 32 exemptions. The prohibition does not apply, among others in post offices, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, liquid fuel stations, flower shops, newspaper shops or coffee shops.

Pursuant to the provisions, the ban also does not apply in commercial establishments where trade is carried out personally by an entrepreneur who is a natural person, who works on his own behalf and for his own account.

From the beginning of February, changes to the Sunday trading ban have been in force, the purpose of which is to tighten up the regulations that have been in force so far. After the amendment comes into force, it is possible to open shops on non-trading Sundays, which also provide postal services, if the revenues from this activity exceed 40 percent of the revenues of a given branch. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Ministry of Finance, sales records are to be kept separately for each commercial outlet, even if the entrepreneur has several such outlets.

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