Will a world record be broken on Kulm? Attack on Dawid Kubacki

Will a world record be broken on Kulm? Attack on Dawid Kubacki

Huge hill, the only “mammoth” in Austria, it is located in the Hinterberg valley in front of the Grimming mountain (2351 meters above sea level). “culm”because this is the name of the hill, this word comes from the Celtic language and means “upstream mountain”. The large hill is located in the middle of nowhere in the countryside. One time it was said to be located in Tauplitz, and another time it was in Bad Mitterndorf. For many years these two places were assigned to it, but after the merger into one municipality, the hill is officially located in Bad Mitterndorf.

Piotr Żyła after Friday’s qualifying in Bad Mitterndorf. VIDEO/ /PZN/ /PZN

Ski Jumping. Attack on Dawid Kubacki. Halvor Egner Granerud goes for the leader

It’s an object that never lay for Poles. Our jumpers, who have achieved so much in this sport, only stood on the podium five times on Kulm. Thus before Dawid Kubacki, the leader of the World Cup, a difficult task. The Pole has been wearing a yellow leotard since the beginning of the season, but the Norwegian has a craving for it Halvor Egner Granerud. The one in the “general” loses only 48 points to Kubacki. Still in Sapporo, the winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament announced that in Bad Mitterndorf he would like to take away our leader’s position. So it’s going to be an amazing fight, because both players jump quite similarly on this “mammoth”, although with a slight indication of Graneruda.

None of them are great aviators. The Norwegian in 2020, however, became the vice-champion of the world in flying. He also has the title of world team champion in flying. He and his friends also got bronze from this event. Kubacki has won two bronze medals at the world championships in team competition.

Ace of Sports 2022. Natalia Kaczmarek vs. Dawid Kubacki. Who deserves a promotion? Vote!

Granerud, however, never stood on the podium of the World Cup in flying. Not only that, his highest place in the World Cup is the eighth place won in Oberstdorf in 2019. On the same hill, Kubacki was twice on the podium of the World Cup, but he never won the flying competition.

The announcer of the competition in Kulm emphasized that in recent years From a champion on small hills, the Pole turned into an exceptional aviator. Kubacki himself emphasized that he worked hard for it. He emphasized that the classes in the wind tunnel gave him a lot. And indeed in two of the three series on Friday he was in the lead.

Will a world record be broken on Kulm?

Saturday’s competition promises to be exciting, because there will be at least a dozen candidates for victory. He won Friday’s qualifying Stefan Kraft. The Austrian won the last World Cup competition on Kulm, but now suffers from weakness caused by illness. There is flu in the Austrian team. He showed, however, that although he has problems, he can fly excellently. In fact, he is the current world record holder. In Planica he jumped 253.5 m.

The official Kulm record holder is a Slovene Peter Prevc. In 2016, he jumped 244 m on this hill. So just 10 meters further and the Austrians would fulfill their dreams. Their hill would have a world record. Is it possible to fly that far?

It’s theoretically possible, but practically everything would have to fold at once. For this you need: high form of a jumper, weather, wind, sun, etc. We are careful in our forecasts and we think that at the moment it will be very difficult to get a world record on this hill – said Chtistoph Prueller, director of the World Cup in Bad Mitterndorf.

He got there on Friday Ziga Jelar. The Slovene in one of the training series reached as much as 247.5 m. However, he supported this jump, in which the “chassis” began to extend several dozen meters earlier.

The Slovene said after this jump that he was a bit scared when he saw the safety lines. He had to retreat because he was very high above the landing. In his opinion, it will not be possible to beat the world record on this hill.

From Bad Mitterndorf – Tomasz Kalemba, Interia Sport

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