Why haven’t I bought a Nintendo Switch yet? I’m already answering

Why haven’t I bought a Nintendo Switch yet?  I’m already answering

Why haven’t I bought a Nintendo Switch yet? I’m already answering

Nintendo has been with us for generations. The company, founded at the end of the 19th century, began its career with playing cards. Not counting the good-natured Pegasus, my personal story related to the Ninny family begins with the GameCube, the most console console. The term “console with a soul” is often used, used rather in the light of irony, it fits GaCek like a glove. Then, in line with the times, Wii appeared, some 3DS, but so far I have not decided on Nintendo Switch, another very successful initiative of the Japanese company. Is it a matter of lack of time or maybe I “outgrown” Nintendo games?

The Switch appeared in 2017, where it quickly gained attention. A hybrid console for which we didn’t need expensive TVs or sound systems. Nintendo somewhat repeated the success of the Wii, aiming at players not entirely fond of spending fabulous sums on accessories. Today, a gaming console alone is not enough – you need to have the right TV, good headphones, etc. The Switch has tried to avoid these obstacles by offering the game in portable or docked mode. Players more often choose the portable variant, although there are exceptions. The games work fine here, although there is a catch to all of this.

Only for Nintendo

Why haven’t I bought a Nintendo Switch yet?  I’m already answering

With Nintendo consoles since the dawn of time, only games written by the parent company’s studios, or its associated ones, tasted the best. There was an exception when Capcom signed a pact with Nintendo to release five games to the equipment of the Japanese giant, i.e. the famous Capcom 5. The romance did not last long, and in the history of both companies, there was no such collaboration anymore. Although several parts of Resident Evil hit the Switch, I still regret the fact that Capcom has not decided on a part dedicated to this console. Throwing the memory back when Nintendo DS ruled, we managed to realize, for example, an interesting port of the classic Resident Evil, i.e. Deadly Silence. The Switch still hasn’t received a game like this. Even the Wii got two gifts as part of the crosshairs, RE Umbrella and The Darkside Chronicles.

One of the reasons why I still haven’t decided to buy a Switch is the lack of a dedicated installment of my favorite series. The cycle itself is present here, but it’s all in the form of ports. It is a pity that a larger retro corner in the eshop was not taken care of to check out the classic Resident Evil from the Nintendo 64 version, considered one of the most difficult and impressive transfers in history. Nintendo games are best played on Switch. The extensive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey are worth checking out, without a doubt. The console also received a lot of good from the WiiU, although I am surprised by the absence of refreshed versions of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, the best games of the GameCube and Wii era. Games from other platforms work properly, although this is not the quality known from the competition, which is a pity. This has always been a bit of a snag with Nintendo consoles – games from third-party publishers either performed worse or were cut from the content. It was like that in the past, it’s like that today, although it was transferred very well, e.g. The Witcher 3 or Doom.

Some deficiencies


I’m not anti-Switch. The fact is that this console introduced a very unconventional approach to gameplay, offering two ways to play. In productions such as Breath of the Wild, you can immerse yourself up to your ears. In fact, in this game you just have to hit something. I appreciate this approach, as well as Nintendo’s achievements and influence on entire generations of players. However, several aspects need significant improvement. First, the issue of the media. Unfortunately, Switch only offers YouTube, Hulu or Fumination. Still no sign of Netflix, Disney or Amazon Prime. All gaming platforms offer this. I don’t buy the eternal “Nintendo goes its own way” argument. The second is the question of price, or rather its constant level. We pay the same price for almost all games signed with the Nintendo logo as on the day of release. Unfortunately, this is true. Nintendo is highly valued and in this respect I consider the company to be the equivalent of Apple. Are you counting on a drop in the price of the wonderfully looking Switch Oled? I wish you patience.

There is also no backward compatibility via media. You must pay to access the Nintendo Retrozone. It’s rather unpro-consumer and unfortunately is another reason why I still haven’t decided to buy a console. It is a pity that Nintendo has not decided to change this with subsequent console models. Of Ninny’s previous platforms, only the GameCube and Nintendo 64 did not play older games, due to media and lack of online access, which was too early for that. The switch should give us that option right away. The library of Nintendo games is quite large, although it is undeniable that most of them have already appeared on WiiU and only the premature death of this console would allow these productions to be released on Switch, such as Mario Kart 8 in the Deluxe version. There’s another reason that annoys me a bit, but it shouldn’t. It’s the lack of an in-game achievement system. I’m used to building personal progress with trophies or achievements, it’s always an additional motivation, although I used to think otherwise. All in all, the Switch is an attractive piece of hardware, but still has a lot of room for improvement. Perhaps Nintendo will take these aspects into account when it finishes work on the successor. Because it’s probably been around for a long time.

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