Why are PKP Intercity trains late? Surprising translation of the company

According to data published by Railway Transport Office, in the second quarter of this year, 68 percent arrived on time to the destination station. trains. Punctuality of trains PKP Intercity in the second quarter of this year would reach 87.56 percent. were it not for the fact that over 60 percent. trains arrived at the destination station for reasons beyond the carrier’s control.

“Given the delay for that PKP Intercity had an impact, the punctuality of trains in the second quarter of 2022 was 87.56 “- the carrier’s press office informed. Ukrainians. “We have recorded 451 cases of delayed PKP Intercity trains departing from border crossings with Ukraine. In addition, some of the trains were not punctual, because they waited for refugees from Ukraine, mainly at the station in Przemyśl, in order to efficiently transport them to further regions of the country “- he points out PKP Intercity.

What else are the reasons for delays?

Impact on punctuality there are also such events as e.g. difficult weather conditions resulting in e.g. damage to rolling stock, overhead contact line or track obstacles (fallen trees), as well Accidents involving people, including suicide attempts, interventions by the Police, SOK or medical services.

As the carrier informed, in the second quarter of this year. Almost 35,000 trains entered the tracks PKP Intercity. “Here it should be remembered that they run throughout Poland and situations that occur locally then have an impact on the movement of other trains in other parts Polish. The delay of one train, depending or not on PKP Intercity, affects the punctuality of subsequent trains “- it was explained. It was added that among the causes of delays on the part of PKP Intercity, apart from those related to traffic management, about 6% of all cases were caused by various types of faults rolling stock.

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