Who is Mirka Federer? She was engaged to the Sultan, she chose to love Federer

Mirka, aka Miroslava Vavrincova, was born in 1978 in what was then Czechoslovakia, and she moved to Switzerland from Slovakia when she was only two years old. In her teenage years, she met Martina Navratliova and started to play tennis at her urging.

However, Mirka Federer was not very successful in tennis, and the highest place she had among the best players in the world was 76. It was in 2001. Until 2002, Mirka was a professional tennis player, after which she quit tennis due to a foot injury.

An interesting love story follows Mirka and Roger. An interesting fact is that Mirka is four years older than Roger, and the couple met in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics.

They began to romance, although Roger knew that at that time Mirka was engaged to a wealthy Arab sultan. However, when she realized that she was in love with Roger, she broke off the engagement.

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“Roger has been my greatest consolation during these eight months of convalescence from injury. He brought my tennis back to life. When he was winning, it was as if I was winning – Mirka once said.

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