Who is it a big weekend for?

Who is it a big weekend for?

David King and Kane Cornes have gone through a few candidates on SEN Breakfast.

See their thoughts below:

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Harry McKay (Carlton)

King: “I’m going with Harry McKay. He hasn’t been the same presence in that forward line the last few weeks.”

“His form against top eight teams – four games, five goals. 12 games against bottom teams, 34 goals.

“Do it against the best. They’ve got an opportunity to go up to Queensland and shake up the season.

“I looked at Harris Andrews last week, I think he’s really gettable, I know he intercept marks a lot, but he’s gettable. So Harry, get it done.”

Jordan De Goey (Collingwood)

Cornes: “I thought he was excellent against Port Adelaide, he got seven coaches votes.”

“But it is often easier to play well in your first game back, a lot of players returning from injury play well, the challenge for them is that second game back.

“They’re against a very good side, big stage, 14 goals this year, I just feel like it’s a big weekend for Jordan De Goey.”

Ken Hinkley (Port Adelaide)

King: “It’s a big night for Ken Hinkley on Saturday night. Get the matchup right against Shai Bolton or pay a price.”

Cornes: “Is he the hardest matchup in the game?”

King: “No, Jeremy Cameron is the hardest matchup in the game.”

King: “I just think this matchup and the way they use him – it’s the Dustin Martin role – be ready for it, be aware of it, plan for it, and find the right matchup.

Cornes: “I’m trying to go through Port Adelaide’s line-up and work out who are they going to play on him? Martin has got them in big games and they haven’t been ready for that. Darcy Byrne-Jones is there, Dan Houston is in the mix – or do you say to Jase Burgoyne, he’s yours young fella. Finals are off the agenda, it’s about development for Port Adelaide now, I’d like to see him experience what it’s like to play on a player like Shai Bolton.”

Matt Taberner (Fremantle)

Cornes: “He just needs a big weekend. His last five games: St Kilda nothing, two goals against Sydney, one goal against Richmond and nothing last week.”

“Fremantle’s lack of scoring recently in the last three weeks, nine goals against Sydney, seven against Richmond and just five last week against Melbourne.

“It’s a massive issue for them. Can Rory Lobb and Taberner be the combination that is going to put Freo in top four contention once again, I’m not sure.”

Alastair Clarkson

King: “I think we’ll find out sooner rather than later. You would want this tidied up before the end of the home-and-away season – I don’t think we’d be too far away.”

Cornes: “I get the feeling you’re confident (he’ll coach North).”

King: “Absolutely I’m confident. Why wouldn’t you be confident?”

Ed Langdon (Melbourne)

“It’s a big night for Ed, isn’t it?”

“When you make strong statements like that, the focus does come to you and the club and whilst we enjoy the openness of the commentary, no doubt it has brought an extra element of pressure to Melbourne tonight.”


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