WhatsApp will stop working on some smartphones. See if your phone is on the blocked list

WhatsApp is a free instant messaging app that is available on smartphones. A large part of phone users willingly use this form of communication, and the number of application users is growing every day. However, the program will soon receive an update that will prevent it from working on some older smartphone models. See if your phone is on the list.


WhatsApp is popular, free internet messenger intended mainly for mobile devices. The application advertises itself primarily with slogans that respect the privacy of users, incl. thanks to end-to-end encryption. This means that only the sender and recipient of the message can read it. This minimizes the risk of a conversation or chat being “overheard” by third parties, such as the Internet provider, the author of the messenger or a potential hacker.

A multitude of functions, ease of use and a huge user base are the aspects that make people enjoy WhatsApp. It is also regularly updated, which may unfortunately cause some users of older cameras to lose the ability to use the benefits of the application.

From October 24, 2022 the known application will stop working on many phone models. The reason is security issues – outdated system software will prevent some smartphones from introducing patches contained in the application.


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