What to watch at the weekend – Netflix, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime, Apple TV +, cinemas

The hit of the week is, of course, the beginning of a new series based on the work of the creator of “A Song of Ice and Fire” George Martin, which this time presents the story of the Targaryen family. Amazon Prime will promote a new movie with Sylvester Stallone, while the third season of the popular series will appear on Apple TV +.

This week we are looking at the offerings of Netflix, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime, Apple TV + and cinemas.


After a quite interesting week on Netflix, this is where we have much less interesting news. After the success of “Daily Shift”, Netflix decides to bet on the comedy movie it is this time “Time for yourself”. It doesn’t make much sense to summarize the plot, suffice it to say that the duo of friends are played by Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart. Among the novelties, the Danish thriller also draws attention “Adult Love”, in which the wife, who discovers the betrayal of her husband, decides to take revenge on him. The script for the film was based on the novel by Anna Ekberg.

A Korean movie is also new “Pulse of Seoul”which has been classified as a thriller comedy in the spirit of the Fast and Furious series. The heroes are drivers and mechanics trying to steal the plans of a money-laundering gang. Another proposal is a remake of a famous movie from the 1970s “No kidding with us”starring the duo Bud Spencer-Terence Hill. Just like there and in the new version, the heroes will be two friends who will follow the thieves of their car. Perhaps the pseudonym of its director: Younuts speaks most about this production. An interesting position, especially for fans of Balkan cinema, should be the Macedonian “Illusion”, which is now in its age, the protagonist of which is a thirteen-year-old boy who has problems with his peers, who meets a mysterious soldier.

Among the documentary proposals, this time two related to sport. The first is “Sports Stories: The Rise and Fall of AND1” about a company related to streetball, which went bankrupt quite quickly after a great start. The second is closer to the European perspective, because it tells about a once-famous football transfer. “Luis Figo Transfer. The day that football changed “ is a chronicle of the then famous transition of the Portuguese player from Barcelona to Real Madrid.


I have spent the last dozen or so days reading George Martin’s two-part work “Fire and Blood”. While the first volume tells about the heyday of the Targaryen dynasty, which subjugates most of the Westeros (except for the steadfast Dorne), the second focuses on the internal and at times extremely bloody war of two factions, about which the new HBO MAX series also deals. “Dragon House”. Literary material offers a lot of possibilities, because it is a form of a chronicle, often presenting various points of view, depending on the temperament of a given diarist. Therefore, the creation of strong, fiery characters falls to the creators of the series, which was successful for a long time in the case of the previous series. HBO MAX will show one episode every week; those who practice watching the full work – this time with ten episodes – will not be able to do so until October 24th.

In addition, there are two newer, but also very specific proposals on the website. The first is the new, film version of the series of screen adaptations of the games “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”which was met with a very cool attitude right after its premiere. Fortunately for the filmmakers, the producers of the Netflix series responded to the challenge of creating an inferior version of the work, set in a well-known universe. Also on Friday, the HBO MAX website will be available “Jackass Forever”which, fortunately, does not need to be introduced.

Amazon Prime

The week’s premiere on Amazon Prime is a new superhero movie “Samaritan”, unusual in that it was played by Sylvester Stallone himself. The main character here, however, is a teenager who is looking for a superhero who, after one of the fights, disappeared years ago, who turns out to be an elderly man living nearby. Of course, played by the American star. The film is directed by Julius Avery, known for his “Son of a Gun” or “Operation Overlord”.

Apple TV +

On Friday, the series returns to Apple TV + “See”which will see its third season. In this quite popular series, the main role is played by Jason Momoa, and alongside him, among others, Alfre Woodard, Christian Camargo and Sylvia Hoeks. It is about a dystopian world where people have had to adapt to sudden vision loss. The situation changes when visual twins are born. The third season of this series is to be the last one.


There are quite a lot of premieres in theaters again. The most recently advertised show is a new show starring Idris Elba, who plays the father of two girls, taking them on a tour of one of South Africa’s reserves. Title of the movie – “Beast” suggests that it will not be a pleasant escapade, because the opponent of people is to be a great lion hunting them. In addition to the British star, there were, among others, Sharlto Copley, and the production was realized by the Icelandic Baltazar Kormakur.

It is also worth noting that due to the actions of Velvet Spoon, it enters theaters “Backbone of the Night”which I mentioned in the summary of the paintings from last year. This is an original, completely old-school rotoscopic animation, inspired primarily by the works of Ralph Bakshi, belonging to the world of dark fantasy in terms of genre, and tells about an extremely brutal clash for the fate of the world.

The film by Agnieszka Woszczyńska will also have its premiere “Quiet Earth”which could already be seen on New Horizons. The protagonists of the painting are a couple spending a vacation in Italy who suddenly have to confront a tragic event. This picture is one of the Polish candidates for the Oscar and although it does not seem to have great chances in this competition (especially with “IO” and “Balcony Film”), and besides, it clearly has no potential to become a hit in the box-office and so it’s worth watching it.

Animation in cinemas as well “How I Became a Samurai”Korean thriller “North”which, however, does not get high ratings on movie websites, an Italian comedy “Parents versus influencers”and also French-Belgian “In the rhythm of rumba”.

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