What is the ZUS sub-account – for whom, use, advantages

  • The ZUS sub-account is a kind of saving method. This variant arose as a result of a reduction in contributions paid under OFE
  • A special account at the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) records key information concerning the valorized amount of the money paid in together with the interest due
  • The money collected on the sub-account is inheritable. After the death of their owner, each entitled heir may submit an application to the Social Insurance Institution for the payment of these accumulated funds.

Since 1999, in accordance with the assumptions of the pension system in force in Poland, the amount of the future monthly benefit depends on the amount that a citizen will accumulate over the years of work. To this day – although it is to change soon – the so-called Open Pension Funds, which receive funds paid by payers of social insurance contributions. Everyone has a choice whether they want to belong to an OFE or have an account only with the Social Insurance Institution. Since 2011, you can use the so-called ZUS sub-accounts.

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