“What do you mean? He’s in Ukraine ?!” The mother of the Russian prisoner of war was shocked [NAGRANIE]

The recording was made available on the web, among others Anton Heraszchenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It shows a captured Russian soldier and his mother, with whom he is having a video conversation. Behind her, other family members also appear on the screen. At one point, a Ukrainian who introduces himself as Volodymyr takes the phone over.

– May I ask your parents a question? Calm down and I will ask them a question – he says to the Russian. – When do you think the Russians understand that they should not come to Ukraine? – he asks the family of the captured.

– I have no idea. Why are you asking such questions? The surprised woman replies.

– Your son came here to kill our people. That is why I am asking this question – explains the Ukrainian.

– What do you mean? He’s in Ukraine ?! The mother asks.

– My parents do not know – prompts the Russian soldier.

– We talked to him. Is he really in Ukraine? We were told that they would not be sent there – convinces the despairing woman.

The Ukrainian goes on to say that they had sent them a message about the capture of their son a moment earlier. – I just want to ask you: when will the Russians understand that they should not come to Ukraine? – asks the Ukrainian.

The Russian’s mother continues to argue that they had no idea that their son would go to the front.

Meanwhile, September 21 Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in connection with the protracted war he waged in Ukraine. The representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) Andriy Yusov said that the hotline launched by his country with advice on how to surrender and be imprisoned by Ukraine is being called by many Russians, even those who have not yet been mobilized for the war.

The number of callers to the helpline called “I want to live” has increased significantly in connection with the mobilization for war announced by Russia. People who have received a summons to the army, as well as those who have not yet received it, turn there. – They call and ask, “What should I do if they mobilize me to give up properly?” Yusov was saying.

A representative of HUR, cited by the Hromadske portal, said that many inhabitants of the annexed Crimea have recently called the hotline. Yusov was convinced that mobilization in Russia would take place in several stages, so even if someone did not receive a summons to the army, they might get it later.

– Some of the newly mobilized with little preparation are actually sent straight to the front. Another part will be left for the creation of new branches, he said.

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