What do Poles save on? Here’s what salespeople see

  • Carrefour admits that it sees which food products customers give up first, and which they choose when looking for additional savings. Owners of shopping centers have similar observations
  • The clothing industry is looking for a slowdown. Although here the cooling of customer enthusiasm has not yet arrived, there are many indications that after the autumn season, interest will drop noticeably
  • The household appliances industry already admits that the market, after a very good sales period since the outbreak of the pandemic, has so far become saturated. Domestic producers are reducing their production capacity also due to weaker demand from abroad
  • Although electronics are also slowing down, online retailers are still triumphant. Although, as they say, customers no longer buy parts of the equipment on the trunk, as until recently
  • More such information can be found on the main page of Onet.pl

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