What did Elizabeth II eat? The cook who cooked her for 15 years reveals it

Elizabeth II had her own personal chef who prepared her meals every day. As it turns out, they were neither fancy nor exquisite. In addition, some of the eating habits of the monarch were adopted among the common people. This is what we owe to her gin cocktails, as well as the popularity of Earl Gray teas.

  • The culinary habits of Queen Elizabeth II were known all over the world. This includes it makes Earl Gray tea so popular. The monarchini drank it with milk, but without sugar
  • Elizabeth II also loved gin. She liked it so much that she launched her own gin, made from ingredients grown in the garden of Buckingham Palace.
  • The Queen hated garlic. She also didn’t like dishes with lots of onions
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Queen Elizabeth II spent 70 years on the throne of England. During this time, her meals looked similar, and the dishes were simple – reveals former monarch chef Darren McGrady in his book “Royal Food”. The cook also emphasizes that some of the queen’s eating habits became popular not only in Great Britain, but also in other countries.

A royal breakfast

McGrady cooked for the Queen for 15 years. As he describes in the book, Elizabeth for breakfast she usually had toast with marmalade. Later in the day, she liked to spend some time with the tea cookies and scones with jam and cream, which she ordered each day with her morning tea. However, the cook claims that her corgi dogs ate them instead of the queen. “At the end of the tea, she was crushing the buns on the floor,” she relates.

She enjoyed cooked salmon for dinner, but no garlic because she hated it. She also didn’t like dishes with too much onions. But she liked game and wild birds. It also happened that the queen ate burgers for dinner. The cook also emphasizes that during the last meal she often skipped potatoes and flour dishes, but never gave up dessert because she loved sweets, especially chocolate. Almost every day she asked for a biscuit dipped in chocolate. She gave up sweets only during Lent.

In the summer, she loved seasonal fruit. “In summer, we could serve strawberries almost every day,” says the cook.

We owe the Queen to our gin cocktails

Monarchini next to sweet, she loved gin. So great was her love that she even made her own gin from ingredients taken from the garden at Buckingham Palace. She liked to mix it with a martini. Thanks to her, this drink gained popularity and found its way to bars around the world.

Teas? Yes, please

As the queen’s former cook recalls, she started each day with a pot of Earl Gray tea – black tea with the scent of bergamot, which she drank with the addition of milk but without sugar. The Queen’s love of this tea made it the fifth most popular tea in the world.

Peeled sandwiches

For tea for tea, which is a meal between lunch and dinner, Elizabeth II liked to eat sandwiches made of crustless bread. Her favorite version was a sandwich with salmon and cream cheese.

Source: foodandwine.com

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