What are your electricity bills with a heat pump? The amount may frighten some

The heating season that is just beginning will not be easy for house heaters. Gas, coal, heat pump – in each of these cases costs can be expected to increase. Theoretically, depending on the type of heating, subsidies or frozen prices proposed by the government can help. However, it seems that the help will not be enough.

Heat pump and electricity bills – you can’t count on meeting the limit

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Safety, ecology, ease of use – these are just some of the advantages that are discussed in the context heat pumps. However, with the upcoming increases in electricity prices, one cannot ignore the important issue, which is the cost of heating a house with such devices. Recall – electricity tariffs for households may next year go up by at least 180%. The government has announced a freeze on current electricity prices, but only for 2000 kWh consumed during the year. Consumption above this limit will already be counted according to the new rules.

What is the limit of 2000 kWh for electricity consumption in homes where it works? heat pump? Its fulfillment […] is unreal. It can be assumed that a heat pump installed in a new and well-insulated house will consume approximately 3000 kWh per year on average – lists In turn, Dawid Zieliński, the president of Columbus Energy, in an interview with Gadgetomania, claims that the heat pump can use between 4,000 and 9,000 kWh per year depending on the insulation of a given building and construction standards in which it was built. The expert assumed that the pumps would be installed in place of the soot-stoves, which require two and five tons of coal per year, respectively.

Nobody knows exactly how much electricity will cost next year. Service GLOBEnergy however, he calculated that it may be PLN 1.78 / kWh. If so, then we will pay PLN 5,340 for 3,000 kWh, for 4,000 kWh PLN 7,120, and for 9,000 kWh PLN 16,020. These amounts can appear enormous. Let’s remember that electricity prices in Poland are currently below PLN 0.70 / kWh, so the bills are lower… but with the inevitable increases, it can get unpleasant.

So a lot depends on the house we live in (area, insulation, finishing method) and the calculation method we will use. It seems certain, however, that the government freezing electricity prices is not enough. A heat pump will consume more than 2,000 kWh of energy a year, and many other appliances in the house also work with electricity.

However, the CEO of Columbus Energy claims that a properly selected heat pump can still be a good solution. It is hardly surprising – electricity will become more expensive from next year, but the gas situation is also uncertain. On the other hand, coal prices are record-breaking and, in addition, there is a shortage of this raw material.

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