What about Ukrainians in Poland? “We have to decide what we want to do”

– We have to decide what we want to do – whether we want to accept this million-one and a half million peoplewhich will stay here permanently or for the next six months or a year, whether we want to integrate, exchange culturally, or just want to help, hoping that as many people as possible will return to Ukraine – Krajewska explained.

– Let’s explain one thing, if someone has a place to go back to, he wants to come back very much and many people have already returned, even if it is not entirely safe, if there is a prospect of further escape. But if someone has nowhere to go back to, or is so traumatized that they won’t do it, then they will have to make their own lives elsewhere. Will it be Poland? It would be great because we have a lot in common – she emphasized.

The war in Ukraine. Latest information

Let us remind you the war in Ukraine has been going on for the 177th day. For the first time since July 6, Russia announced no new territorial gains in Ukraine on Thursday. Meanwhile, the authorities in Moscow are probably preparing the ground for provocation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, estimates the US Institute for War Studies. The planned Russian attack on the power plant is also confirmed by the Ukrainian military intelligence.

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