Weekly horoscope for September 26 – October 2, 2022 Pisces, Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Virgo

A surprisingly good week is coming! After the difficult and annoying arrangements of the previous dozen or so days, the sky will finally be kinder and more friendly to us. We can catch our breath and finally comfort ourselves in the autumn, golden and financially abundant climate. Check the weekly horoscope for September 26 – October 2, 2022 for all zodiac signs.

Weekly horoscope for September 26-2.10 for all zodiac signs

Already on Monday, a series of great deals begins. Very active and close to the Earth, Jupiter will shine in the night sky like a real diamond. In most horoscopes, this will show up in joyful moods and an increase in optimism. The following days of the week will bring the constructive trigons of Mercury and Pluto as well as Mars and Saturn. We will be eager to work and we will approach our duties with new enthusiasm. On Thursday (29/09) Venus will switch from Virgo to Libra and suddenly the tone of the conversation will warm up. We will be more willing to negotiate and understanding towards our adversaries. During the weekend, we can enjoy great partner meetings and happiness in love, which will be brought on our way by the opposition of Venus and Jupiter. On Sunday, Mercury ends its retrograde movement, and the hearts of many zodiac representatives will be reassured that certain blocks and limitations will eventually subside.

Weekly horoscope – Aries

There is an absolutely thrilling and positive trend shift ahead of you. You will feel that only now autumn has its charms around you that you can take advantage of. Jupiter in your zodiac sign is in close proximity to the Earth and thanks to this you will get a turbo boost. There is no problem that you fail to take on, no problem that terrifies you. Everything suddenly comes together into one, thriving whole. You will deal with professional problems brought from previous weeks in no time. The constructive trine between Mars and Saturn (09/28) will unleash in you stubbornness and consistency, which you will use for a good cause. This is not the end of good news. Over the weekend, the opposition of Jupiter and Venus will bring a perfect aura to partner love meetings. If you are lonely – someone may fall in love with you, and the meeting will take place in the least expected place and moment.

Weekly horoscope – Taurus

Planetary accents focus on the elements of fire and air. You may feel that you are missing out on certain social activities. You will hear that you have not received a certain invitation, which you will take as an affront. On Thursday (29/09) Venus leaves the favorable sign of Virgo and will move to a more difficult position for you in the sign of Libra. The love life will get a little complicated. For wiping your tears there will be something that is, after all, an equally important element of your life, i.e. financial issues. Your wallet will come back to life and get some extra power. Go ahead and ask for a raise, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Weekly horoscope – Gemini

After the cleansing and full of tension New Moon (09/25) in the sign of Libra, there will be a time of relaxation and mental relaxation. Although it promises to be a lot of work, a lot of industry meetings, meetings and professional contacts, you will be happy to participate in them. It will turn out that everything has to be done and to be done. The week promises you great successes on various levels. Since Venus enters the air trine (09/29), your love life will straighten out considerably and there will be a thread of understanding where there have been only glitches lately. At the end of the week, the sky prepared even more pleasant surprises. A short, but very interesting trip, and unblocking the energy flow where there has been total stillness for several weeks.

Weekly Horoscope – Cancer

The effects of the first, autumn New Moon will still be felt in the first days of the new week, but somehow you will slowly shake off. You will focus on work and professional duties. While your chest or sinuses may hurt, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be very productive at work or school. Time will pass so fast that you won’t have time to worry about any details or little things, as you usually do. Unfortunately, the weekend will be a bit complicated, thanks to family members who will start to convince you to their arguments and plans for their needs. There may be a fight during which you will defend your position, but someone will be offended by it. Well, if he has a problem with that, it’s not your problem.

Weekly horoscope – Leo

You can count on a lot of liveliness and even small sensations when it comes to your social life and heart systems. The period of hard work and effort that you put into your professional development and career ends. There comes a moment when you will cut coupons from previously completed tasks. At last, your painstaking business or projects will start at full speed. Something will start to bring profits and you will no longer have to keep an eye on it 24 hours a day. Your health, appearance and physical condition will improve. You will be less busy and more focused on entertainment and reconnecting with the people you are interested in. Over the weekend, your appearance, creation and style will be dazzled by the company and you will gain the attention of someone you care about.

Weekly horoscope – Virgo

(23 August – 22 September)

This week, Venus will leave your zodiac sign (09/29) and move to the adjacent sign of Libra. The matters of the heart will be relegated to the background. You will focus primarily on your career and earning money. Cash will hold on to you in a unique way in the coming days. Tuesday’s Mercury and Pluto trine (27/09) will put you ahead in some competition. Remember to choose the most valuable propositions and do not trade your strength and potential for small matters. The week promises a large amount of travel and the need to travel to several company branches or trips to other public buildings.

Weekly horoscope – Libra

(September 23 – October 22)

This week, you will feel as if you are dropping a 100-kilogram boulder from your back. Finally, the reality around you will take on better colors, more pleasant colors. You will revive and gain an appetite for new experiences. The system of planets promises a perfect week and that you will finally seize the opportunity you have been striving for for months. Short business trips are possible where many positives will happen. Contacts you didn’t even think about anymore will be launched. The entry of your patron, Venus (29/09) into your sign, will open a new chapter in your heart life, which will be remembered for a long time in your memory, because it will be very rewarding. On Saturday (1.10) be sure to take part in a competition or play the lottery.

Weekly horoscope – Scorpio

(October 23 – November 21)

This week, your focus is on emotional fulfillment and the use of a favorable aura in love, as this beneficial influence will end soon and Venus will no longer support you. At the end of the week you will have to switch to less enjoyable activities and do some chores. The trine between Mercury and your patron, Pluto, is promising (September 27). You will not miss any detail, no nuance. You will be vigilant and prepared for any eventuality. You have to remember to comply with the rules and regulations, because there may be inspections, but they will not show any irregularities, on the contrary – your competence and responsibility will be appreciated. At the weekend you will decide to catch up on sleep and rest.

Weekly horoscope – Sagittarius

(November 22 – December 21)

Your patron and guardian of your sign is so close to the Earth that it shines in the sky like an incandescent lantern! This is the perfect time to take on some huge challenge and come face to face with your dream. You have the strength and opportunities to fight for your happiness on practically every level. Don’t worry, you risk practically nothing, because even if you stumble, you will still fall on your feet. Especially for Sagittarius born in the first deanery of the sign, the planetary systems herald great happiness in love and finances. There are promises to be numerous social events and numerous meetings, during which you will not remain indifferent to someone. Your popularity will increase significantly. The ideal day for games would be Saturday (1/10) when Venus is in opposition to Jupiter.

Weekly horoscope – Capricorn

(December 22 – January 19)

The first half of the week will be fruitful and successful. Mercury and Pluto’s Trigon (27/09) will ensure you success and victory in some discussion. Oral exams will go smoothly and the information flow will be perfect. Then the Mars and Saturn trine (09/28) will give you an extra dose of vitality and the power to push through your goals. In the following days, this favorable aura will slightly dim. You can say that you will have to pay for the effort and life in high gear from the previous weeks. You will feel tired. The transition of Venus to the sign of Libra (29/09) will discourage you from people and you will feel best again in your own company.

Weekly horoscope – Aquarius

(January 20 – February 18)

You can count on the support of Mars to trine Saturn in your sign. This will sort out the recently chaotic situation at your workplace. Many things will be clarified, explained and completed for your benefit. The positives can also be seen in matters of the heart and partnerships. Jupiter in the favorable sign of Aries as well as the transition of Venus to the trine of air (29.09) will trigger in you layers of optimism and recently blocked joy. You will feel more at ease and it will be easier for you to express your feelings. Both likes and dislikes will be clearly stated. Over the weekend, you will have an amazing, exciting meeting where you can meet some fantastic people of the opposite sex who are interested in you. No wonder, your attractiveness and confidence will increase.

Weekly horoscope – Pisces

If you are thinking about moving, changing the company, changing the university, transferring to another class, these are the last days favorable for these undertakings. Rush. Tuesday (27/09) is an excellent time to correct your earlier, wrong decisions and actions. In a moment, the “transfer window” will close and we will have to wait for the next, favorable arrangement for the whole month. Your partner’s affairs will get a little complicated, and the heat in your heart will fade. You won’t be able to solve your friends’ complicated dilemmas or keep explaining to your partner. During the weekend you will close yourself in and decide to catch up in your own development.

Horoscope for Monday 26/09

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