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After the heat prevailing in Central Europe, we will have a few days of storm and rainfall – explained Tomasz Wasilewski, presenter. Poland will be in the very center of the clash between two air masses, in the front zone, which will bring deterioration of the weather.

In an interview on TVN24, the presenter announced that there will be a lot going on in the weather in the coming days.

“We are in a situation where the weather wants to change, but it won’t happen all at once,” he explained. – It will not be such a change that the front will pass and the aura will change, but (…) such a test of strength, hot air versus cooler, which is in the west, and unfortunately this wrestling will be over Poland.

One of the hottest countries in Europe

Wasilewski explained that on Wednesday Poland was one of the hottest countries in Europe. Thermometers showed up to 34 degrees, which put our country in a row with Greece, Italy and Spain.

– This hot air flows from two directions (…) both from Africa and from Kazakhstan, through Russia and Ukraine, reaching Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Thermometers in this part of Europe also show over 30 degrees – he explained, pointing to the map.

At the moment it is cooler only in Norway and Scotland, where we will see no more than a dozen degrees on the thermometers. At the moment, however, this chill is only of a limited extent.

Temperature map of Europe on

Wrestling of the air masses

In the following days, two high-pressure centers will be responsible for the weather situation in Poland.

– We have two high towers on different sides of the continent. One is over the Atlantic, the other over Russia – explained the presenter. – They are very far from each other, but the fact that we have two high pressure centers on both sides of Europe is of great importance.

As Wasilewski pointed out, between these high pressure centers there is an atmospheric front and lower ones: one over Norway and the other near France, on the Mediterranean Sea. There is a border between the low pressure centers, and hot air masses will continue to flow east of the European front line.

– You can say that there is an invasion of hot air in Central and Eastern Europe. It will be over 30 degrees with us again, and for a few days – said the presenter. – On the other hand, the slightly cooler air that flows from the northwest (…) intends to move the entire zone further east – he added.

Wasilewski explained that there might be a situation in which the front would not be able to go in either direction. They will occur in the border zone, which is today west of Poland storms and rainfall. Eventually it will move to Central Europe, where it will stay on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

– In the weather, the time is very dynamic at the end of the week: storms, rain and tiring aura – he added.

The barric situation over

See the entire conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski:

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in Europe

Tomasz Wasilewski on the weather in EuropeTVN24

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