We know the estimates of the indexation of pensions. Deputy Minister: There will be no more

The deputy minister’s statement quotes “Super Express”. The daily writes that “tyciulka valoryzacja” is a drama for retirees and pensioners.

“We have a record high and prices are rising by almost 16 percent per month. Meanwhile, the estimates of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy regarding the next year’s indexation of pensions do not give hope for a decent raise” – we read.

“Super Express” reminds that the prices of basic food products have increased by several dozen percent this year. “The rates for coal and wood are several times higher than a year ago, so it is going to be a very expensive winter. Medicines are also rapidly increasing. The inflation rate in July was 15.6 percent.” – it was written.

“I think that the indexation in March 2023 will be 11 percent. There will be no more” – pointed out “SE” Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy StanisÅ‚aw Szwed. He added that “these are preliminary estimates of increases, because everything will be decided at the beginning of 2023, when the Central Statistical Office will publish the inflation rate for the entire year 2022”.

“Super Express” reminds that the higher the inflation, the higher the increase in pensions will be, because it is guaranteed by the act. “Even if it turns out that the indexation will amount to only 11%, the minimum pension (PLN 1,217.98) may increase to PLN 1,352. In turn, the average pension (PLN 2,410) will increase to PLN 2,675” – it was written.

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