Way to the top. See all Sarah James appearances in America’s Got Talent

Sarah James has already become well known in Poland – in 2021 she represented our country in Junior Eurovision, winning second placeand previously won the fourth edition in a daring style “The Voice Kids”. However, for American viewers she is a debutant who was delighted by Simon Cowel at the casting stage.

She performed Billie Eilish’s song “Lovely”, for which she received a standing ovation from both the jurors and the studio guests. Simon Cowell confessed that Sarah James’ performance may not have been perfect, but she has the light of a star about her. “These are the moments … Maybe it was not a perfect execution, but you have the glow of a star in you” – said the juror.

After a while, the juror did something that surprised absolutely everyone. “I want this moment for you” He said, then pressed the golden button that catapulted James straight to the semi-finals. The 14-year-old cried with happiness, and almost the entire United States talked about her performance. The casting performance was even shared by Billie Eilish on her profile.

Not only fans from the USA, but also many Polish fans waited for the semi-final performance. Everyone kept their fingers crossed for Sarah James, who once again did not disappoint. The singer chose a song Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. “No doubt it was a winning performance, your talent, your voice, your looks are all great, “Howie Mandel told her after the show.

I was so touched now because I know how much this performance means to you. Like I said before, you are only 14 years old and you felt enormous pressure to do it today. The song selection was brilliant. You made this song sound like it was yours. I think now Elton John will share your performanceSimon Cowel marveled.

The semi-final performance allowed the American fans to get to know the 14-year-old better, as a short video was broadcast before her performance in which James could say a few words about himself.

The biggest test for Sarah was of course one of the two final performances. Before the results are known, the Pole will appear before the jurors twice. For the first concert, the artist chose the song Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill”, which has been breaking popularity records on the Internet for some time.

“Your predecessors’ performances were very good. Then you, a 14-year-old girl, come out of Poland and smash one of the most iconic songs in the world. This is a special evening with you and you just give yourself a chance, I tell you“Simon Cowel said after the performance of James.

Sarah Egwu-James has Polish-Nigerian roots, comes from SÅ‚ubice and is 14 years old. She attends Primary School and 1st Level Music School and learns to play the piano. Her incredible singing talent did not come out of nowhere, as Sara’s dad is a musician who appeared, among others, in “The X Factor” in 2011. He could also be heard in the choir created by Mezo.

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