was Tyler in love with Wednesday? The star comments

was Tyler in love with Wednesday?  The star comments

was Tyler in love with Wednesday? The star comments

Even though Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) at the beginning of the series, he swears that he will never fall in love, and soon experiences his first love crush. One of them is Tyler Galpin, played by Hunter Doohan. Has his character ever had feelings for her or used a girl since the first episode “Wednesday“?

Wednesday – did Tyler love Wednesday?

Hunter Doohan in conversation with Entertainment Weekly revealed whether Tyler was ever even briefly interested in a relationship with Wednesday. The actor revealed that his character was blinded by revenge for what happened to his mother.

“I think he played it from the beginning. Maybe there was some attraction to it and – something he would probably never admit – respect for her, but he is full of anger and hatred towards her and her family, and all of Nevermore, for what happened to his mother. She was a hyde and died because Nevermore doesn’t accept them and doesn’t teach them how to control their powers, so I think Tyler is filled with fury and that’s how he justifies his killing spree.

was Tyler in love with Wednesday?  The star comments
“Wednesday” (Photo: Netflix)

Doohan also referred to the transformations themselves – the actor is convinced that it scared Tyler at first.

“But also when the memory of the first transformation is shown, I think Tyler is terrified.” In preparation for the role, I read the book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and it says that every time he changes, he takes on a little more, and it happens more and more, until the lines between them blur, so I think that it’s happening. We never saw Tyler, and now that Thornhill is dead, he no longer has his mistress.

If you’re curious about what’s next, read on Commentary of the creators on the finale of “Wednesada”. Meanwhile, some fans of the series did not expect Wednesday to meet only with boys. Citing the way the show was promoted, fans claim that Wednesday and Enid were supposed to be a couple. And they accuse Netflix of calculating queerbaiting in promotional materials.

Wednesday – the series is available on Netflix

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