Warsaw. Road workers will open a rebuilt fragment of Kondratowicza

On Saturday, September 10, drivers will drive along the reconstructed fragment of Kondratowicz. A day later, public transport buses will return to the routes there – announces the capital city hall. The street was impassable also due to the fact that the construction of the second metro line was just about to end.

On Saturday at 10 am, road workers will open the line of Kondratowicza – Łabiszyńska streets above the constructed Bródno metro station. Drivers will again be able to use the section of this road between Rembielińska and Łabiszyńska. Rembielińska Street will also be completely passable.

In the next stage, it is planned to open the finished, southern Kondratowicza road between Łabiszyńska and Chodecka streets, where traffic will be provided in both directions. During this time, works will still be carried out on the northern carriageway. Then, on the section from Chodecka to Malborska, public transport vehicles will be allowed to operate, while the section from Malborska to St. Vincent.

According to the city hall, the work schedule provides for the opening of all Kondratowicz roadways by the end of 2022. Other works, other than road works – related to, inter alia, with greenery, are to be completed in 2023.

Buses return to their old routes

A day after the opening of the junction of Kondratowicza, Bazyliańska and Rembielińska, the routes of public transport buses will change. From Sunday, September 11, from the beginning of operation (night lines from the beginning of operation during the night of September 10-11) 112, 204, 240, NO2, N64 they will return to the basic routes (from before the detours caused by the construction of the second metro line).

Line 112 from the Marki shopping center loop will go Chodecka, Łojewska, Łabiszyńska, Kondratowicza, Bazyliańska, Wysockiego, Toruńska, over the Grota-Roweckiego bridge to Chomiczówka. Line 204 will run from Os. Derby through Białołęcka, Kopijników, Łabiszyńska, Kondratowicza, Rembielińska, Bartnicza, Wysocki, Odrowąż, and Prożowa Streets to PKP Praga. Line 240 from Marek will go Chodecka, Łojewska, Łabiszyńska, Kondratowicza, Bazyliańska, Wysocki, Toruńska to Żerań.

Night lines: N02 will go from Marysin, along the streets: św. Wincentego, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Chodecka, Łojewska, Łabiszyńska, Kondratowicza, Bazyliańska, Wysocki, Toruńska, along the Grota-Roweckiego bridge to the Młociny Metro and the N64 from the Central Railway Station via Żaba, Odrowąża, Wysocki, Bartnicza, Wyszogrodzka, Chodecabka, Łojewska, Łojewska, Łojewska, Łojewska, and Łojewska , Kondratowicza, Bazyliańska, Wysocki, Marywilska, and further to Choszczówka.

“The following stops will be reopened: Rembielińska, Kondratowicza, Suwalska, Bazyliańska, św. Hieronim and Turmoncka” – informed the Public Transport Authority.

Changes to Kondratowicz

Road workers announced that the main artery of Targówek will be built “almost from scratch”. They recalled that Kondratowicza is 60 meters wide and has a large lane dividing between the roadways. It is a reserve for a tram route planned here decades ago. Instead, a subway was built, so the space can be flexibly shaped. Kondratowicza is to be transformed into an “avenue of a thousand trees”, because next to the 300 existing trees, about 700 are to be planted.

Kondratowicza Street – visualization City Hall

In addition, they promised 136,000 bushes of various species and new lawns and flower meadows. About 100 benches are planned along the street. Around them, architects from the WXCA studio planned small squares, as well as a large green square at the Bródno station. As emphasized by ZDM, dozens of trees and thousands of shrubs were to appear also in the area of ​​the Zacisze station.

The road layout will remain essentially the same, with two lanes in each direction. The network of bicycle routes will undergo a major change. There will be two two-way bicycle lanes, each three meters wide, between metro stations.

Metro to Bródno Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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