War in Ukraine. Destruction in Mariupol in satellite photos. They show a new military unit

War in Ukraine.  Destruction in Mariupol in satellite photos.  They show a new military unit

War in Ukraine. Destruction in Mariupol in satellite photos. They show a new military unit

Russia assembles its armed forces in occupied Ukrainian Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast. Satellite images of the Maxar concern reveal that Putin’s troops have built a new military base there. Footage also shows the extent of destruction in this port city in eastern Ukraine.

Russian forces attacked Mariupol for almost three months since the invasion began on February 24. Relentless shelling left much of the city in ruins. The Ukrainian side estimated that about 25,000 civilians died there. UN confirmed the deaths of 1,348 residents, noting that the real number is “probably thousands higher”.

Before the Russian invasion, about 430,000 people lived in Mariupol. According to the UN, about 350,000 of them left the city.

Building in Mariupol in the photo from November 10, 2022Reuters

Destruction in Mariupol in satellite photos

The latest satellite images from Maxar Technologies show the destruction in the city. They show, among other things, a new U-shaped military complex near the center. On its roof there is a red and blue star on a white background and the inscription: “Russian army to the inhabitants of Mariupol.”

The photos of the city cemetery show that its area has expanded. In early November, the BBC reported that 1,500 new graves had been dug in the city, citing satellite images.

The Maxar shots also show the remains of a destroyed drama theatre. The Russians took it as the target of a missile attack on March 18. It is suspected that hundreds of people who used the theater building as a shelter died in it. Amnesty International described the attack as a “clear war crime”.

Satellite images show massive damage to residential infrastructure and suggest that the Russians began to demolish those buildings that could not be rebuilt.

A shot from the outskirts of the city shows large amounts of building materials at a shopping center. During the Russian attacks, many civilians waited outside for deliveries of food and other necessities.

Maxar’s photos were released amid reports that Russia is massing in defensive positions in Mariupol due to a Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south and east of the country. In November, officials at the British Ministry of Defense estimated that the Russians were using the resources of two factories in Mariupol to produce so-called “dragon teeth”, i.e. fortifications in the form of concrete blocks, intended to slow down the advance of the Ukrainian army. This type of system in the Kherson region was demonstrated at the end of November by the American analytical center Institute of War Studies (ISW).

The American think tank Institute for War Studies showed Maxar photos from November 15, which show “dragon teeth” in the Kherson region

– The Russians are aware of the tendency at the front, that there is an open tendency to liberate the whole territory Ukraine: Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson regions. The enemy understands this very well – Pavlo Kyrylenko, the head of the Donetsk region, commented in mid-November.

>> Mariupol under Russian occupation. “Every week about 150 people die. Babies are practically not born.”

Mariupol area under Russian occupation (November 10, 2022)

Mariupol area under Russian occupation (November 10, 2022)Reuters

Main photo source: Maxar

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