“Walking with a cane is my new everyday life”. Christina Applegate honestly about her illness

“Walking with a cane is my new everyday life”. Christina Applegate honestly about her illness

Ever since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021, the actress has avoided public speaking, asking for her privacy to be respected. She decided to change it, which she informed fans about via social media. She also showed her chicks, which are commonplace for many people struggling with this incurable disease.


1. The actress reveals herself on Twitter

In the latest entry, the actress proved that she has a distance to her disease

In the latest entry, the actress proved that she has a distance to her disease (Getty Images)

See the video: “Multiple Sclerosis [Wirtualna Poradnia]”

Christina Applegate gained fame by playing in the cult comedy series Fri “World acorrding to Bundys”. Today we also know her from the sitcom “Who is Samantha?” and Netflix’s black comedy “You’re Dead Already”.

Although still professionally active, the 50-year-old disappeared from public space last year. On August 10, 2021, she revealed on Twitter that has multiple sclerosis. She wrote then that there was a difficult road ahead of her, but she did not intend to stop. At the same time, in another post, she asked for her privacy to be respected. Now the actress has decided to come out of the shadows.

“A very important ceremony is approaching. This will be my first time since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Babes are now part of my new everyday life,” she wrote in a recently posted Twitter post.

Applegate revealed to her fans that they would soon be able to see which of the five babes presented in the photo the actress chose.

2. MS – the first seemingly insignificant symptoms

Recently, the paparazzi caught the actress going to the set, leaning on her cane. Apart from that, however, the actress protects her privacy, and we know little about how she deals with the disease. The secret was revealed by James Marsden, who works with the actress on the set of one of the productions.

“Nothing can stop her. She is the type of man who fights and does not give in to any adversity. When an obstacle comes her way, she will always find a way to overcome it,” the actor said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, adding that he admires the 50-year-old immensely.

In fact multiple sclerosis it is a disease that gives no hope of recovery and only its quick detection allows to minimize the risk of permanent disability.

SM (Latin sclerosis multiplex) is chronic, inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. It causes degeneration of the myelin sheath around neurons. The damage is irreversible, although the initial symptoms of the disease can be innocent:

  • tiredness,
  • heaviness and pain in the legs,
  • muscle spasms and stiffness
  • sleep disturbance,
  • sensory disturbances in the extremities,
  • dizziness, double vision.

Depending on which nerve has been affected and the progression of the disease, other conditions such as hand tremors may occur. hearing or speech impairmentconvulsions, memory disorders or nystagmus.

Karolina Rozmus, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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