Wages in Poland are rising. The CSO published the latest data

In the last few years, the average monthly gross wages and salaries in the enterprise sector – that is in companies employing at least 10 people – increased by approx. 5-7%. Every year.

From 2021, it accelerated to 10 percent, and this year it even reached a record 14.1 percent. in April. This means that wage growth was then significantly higher than inflation, so real wages were rising. Statistically, you could buy more for your salary.

This changed with the increase in inflation in Poland. Consumer inflation in July amounted to 15.5 percent. – informed the Central Statistical Office. This means that the price increase remained at the June level. This is the first reading in several months when inflation in Poland did not accelerate.

The prices of consumer goods and services also increased – 15.5 percent. In the report, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported price increases in three main categories. The prices of automotive fuels (by 36.8%) and energy carriers, i.e. electricity, gas and coal (by 36.6%) grew the fastest during the year. Food prices rose slightly slower than the general inflation rate, ie by 15.3 percent. Every year.

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