Volleyball World Championships. Polish women lost to the Dominican Republic

Polish volleyball players lost in Gdańsk with Dominican Republic 1: 3 (25:18, 22:25, 21:25, 21:25) in the match of the 4th round of group B of the world championship. This is the first defeat in the tournament by Stefano Lavarini’s team, which will face Turkey at the end of the first phase on Saturday.

The streak of the hosts of the tournament was interrupted. After a great start to the match, in the next three sets Polish women were unable to cope with a physically strong rival. Both teams had previously been promoted to the second round, but this result is very important because it will be included in their achievements.

After two clashes with Asians, the Polish women had to face a team with completely different characteristics. In the Dominican Republic national team there are plenty of players measuring two meters with a strong attack. The Polish women, however, found a good way to limit their opponents’ firepower and with a precise service they threw them away from the net. The white and red were doing well in the party and Joanna Wołosz was free to use various possibilities in the attack. Importantly, the Polish team made almost no mistakes (only two in the first game) and very quickly gained a clear advantage, which in some cases increased to 10 “points”.

Dominican coach Marcos Kwiek quickly used two breaks on demand and for a short moment Polish women had trouble finishing the action. Agnieszka Korneluk broke the momentary powerlessness and the Home team regained control of the match. The attacks of Zuzanna Górecka and Olivia Różański ended the set.

In the second game the game became even. The service became a strong weapon of the Dominican women, and the white and red were not so effective in the service field and simple mistakes made to them. The Dominican Republic kept a slight advantage, but Lavarini’s charges did not give up, and the coach sought help from substitutes.

Monika Fedusio, after entering the court, served an ace and equaled the result (19:19). The joy of Polish women was short-lived, because Caribbean volleyball players jumped back to three points 20:23. In the end, Bethania De La Cruz, the most experienced player of the Dominican Republic, was unstoppable; The 35-year-old with a straight attack led to a draw.

Polish women still could not find the rhythm from the beginning of the match, a the Caribbean representatives still impressed with their strong beats, which the white and red in no way were able to neither block nor defend. In the end, Różańska and Magdalena Stysiak managed to stop two attacks of their opponents and the Dominican advantage decreased to one point (16:17).

The key moment of this game was the situation after which Stysiak made a block and the ball returned to the Polish side. Stysiak did not react, as she was convinced that it would fall off the pitch, while the video verification showed that the ball touched the line minimally. Instead of 18:20, Polish women were losing 17:21. The end was already under the care of Marcos Kwiek.

The next set had a very similar scenario to the previous two. Although the white and red ones started boldly, Klaudia Alagierska-Szczepańska ended two attacks from the inside, but later the rivals came to the fore. Despite the fact that the Polish women fared better in the party, only Stysiak was able to break through the high block of rivals in the attack. The result was open until the end, but when the Polish women were getting closer to one point, the opponents jumped back again. Coach Kwiek caught a touch of the net in an important moment and the Dominikanki kept their advantage until the end of the match.

Friday is the day of break in the group B rivalry, and on Saturday Poland will play against Turkey (beginning at 20:30).

Poland: Joanna Wołosz, Magdalena Stysiak, Agnieszka Korneluk, Kamila Witkowska, Zuzanna Górecka, Olivia Różański – Maria Stenzel (libero) – Katarzyna Wenerska, Monika Gałkowska, Monika Fedusio, Weronika Szalgowska, Klaudia Alagierska-Szczepaniak.

Dominica: Niverka Marte, Gaila Gonzalez, Jineiry Martinez, Geraidine Gonzalez, Brayelin Martinez, Yonkaira Pena Isabel – Brenda Castillo (libero) – Candida Arias, Bethania De La Cruz, Larysmer Martinez, Camil Dominguez.

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