Volleyball. Agnieszka Zyskowska is dead. She was struggling with cancer

Agnieszka Zyskowska suffered from cancer of the bile ducts of the liver. She heard the terrible diagnosis in February 2021. She underwent three cycles of chemotherapy, the last one ended in June this year. The last hope was treatment in Western Europe.

The legendary sports journalist – Andrzej Stanowski is dead. While still in hospital, he supported his beloved club

The cost of the three-month therapy is PLN 51,000. A fundraiser for this purpose has started online – treatment is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund. It was titled: “Fighting to Win the Tie-Break”.

When looking for new treatment options, we reach for solutions available in Western Europe and effective methods that have worked well among people around us. They won the battle against cancer and regained their full strength. Their experiences give us hope for victory “- it was written in the description of the fundraiser.

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