Villas-Boas has revealed the backstage of his failure at Chelsea. “Roman Abramovich got pissed off”

Andre Villas-Boas has returned to his unsuccessful adventure with Chelsea. He is also blamed for the bad management of the club.

Villas-Boas became Chelsea’s coach in the summer of 2011. He came to Stamford Bridge radiant with successes from FC Porto, with whom he won the Europa League.

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He had a complete failure in London. He did not stay in the position even until the end of the season. He left the team in March. His successor, Roberto Di Matteo, led her to victory in the Champions League.

– At Chelsea, the same thing happened to a lot of other people. Sometimes you get lucky, win a trophy, leave a mark. I failed Villas-Boas admitted.

The Portuguese admitted that Chelsea had failed to make the transfers he had hoped for. The mess inside the club is also to blame.

– At the beginning of the season, we lost our chance to get Luka Modricia. In that case Joao Moutinho should come. This was Roman Abramowicz’s promise. The problem, however, was the deal with Porto’s left-back Alvaro Pereira. The coach cannot be blamed for this Villas-Boas said.

Roman was pissed. There was no Modricia, there was no Moutinho. The next one to come was Radamel Falcao. In addition, Didier Drogba couldn’t decide whether he wanted to leave or not. Marina Granovskaya wanted Carlos Tevez, but suddenly changed her minde – recalls the Portuguese.

– I have no problems talking about my failures. However, many lies emerge. Sometimes things go well, sometimes things don’t. How many coaches have Chelsea already made redundant? Villas-Boas concluded.

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