Viktor Orban in a scarf with the borders of Greater Hungary. Five neighbors criticize. After the match against Greece

Viktor Orban in a scarf with the borders of Greater Hungary. Five neighbors criticize. After the match against Greece

Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Austria have criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who came to a football match wearing a fan scarf depicting the borders of “Great Hungary”.

After Sunday’s soccer game Hungarian Hungarian Prime Minister with Greece Viktor Orbán posted on social media photos of a conversation with one of the Hungarian footballers. The head of the government was wearing a scarf depicting “Greater Hungary” in the borders before the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, as a result of which about two-thirds of the territories now belonging to its neighbors fell away from Hungary.

Viktor Orban in a scarfViktor Orbán/facebook

More countries criticize the Hungarian prime minister

They criticized Orban on Tuesday, however, representatives of the authorities of neighboring countries: UkraineRomania and Croatia. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the Hungarian ambassador will be summoned in this matter.

Slovakia and Austria joined the ranks of critics on Wednesday. “We saw in 1939 where such sentiments and ideas lead, and we see it today in Ukraine amid Russian aggression,” commented Slovak Foreign Minister Ratislav Kaczer.

A spokesman for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the event in a somewhat humorous way. “A quick glance at historical maps at the Viennese Foreign Ministry confirmed initial suspicions that the Kingdom of Hungary ceased to exist about a century ago,” he told Politico. “We will inform our Hungarian neighbors about it at the earliest opportunity,” he added.

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic: I have no doubt that this will be discussed in Košice

On Wednesday, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that some statements or actions of representatives of the Hungarian government did not help the overall situation. He said that he noticed Orban’s scarf and there is no doubt that this matter will be raised in some way at the summit of prime ministers of the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) in Košice, which starts on Thursday.

Orban: You don’t need to see something that isn’t there

“Football is not politics. There is no need to see something that is not there. The Hungarian team represents every Hungarian, regardless of where he lives,” Orban reacted to the criticism.

Main photo source: Viktor Orbán/facebook

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