Velma debuted on HBO Max. The series has faced massive criticism

Velma debuted on HBO Max.  The series has faced massive criticism

Velma debuted on HBO Max. The series has faced massive criticism

HBO Max yesterday presented the first full trailer for “Velma”, the prequel to “Scooby Doo”, which received a series of negative reviews. Now the story is available and viewers criticize the production in harsh words.

A few weeks ago, “Wednesday” debuted on Netflix, delighting viewers and the record-breaking spin-off of “The Addams Family” received a lot of positive feedback. HBO Max, which today offered two episodes of “Velma”, cannot count on such positive opinions and you will find a lot of very negative comments on social media.

Viewers highlight several problems of the animated series – “Velma” changes the main characters, focuses on the sexuality of the characters, makes fun of some of the cast and approaches the topics presented in a very stereotypical way.

“Wow, just wow

But to get a candidate for the worst series of 2023 at the very beginning of the year, I am full of admiration. I don’t even want to criticize this shit gives a She-hulk vibe when you watch it

I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes, though these 2 are enough #Velma shit.”

“Make the black drug addict and the only white person in the group a misogynistic jerk. Representation matters!!! :3 Also, I love that Daphne is a dumb, rich, popular girl. Just classic team mannerisms. They really did.”

“Just watched #Velma and gosh tears in my eyes. The plot, the plots, the characters, the dynamics, the drama, the lore, the emotional moments… it was all garbage from start to finish. I’m on my way to the hospital, it’s by far the worst show I’ve ever seen.”

“The only remake/reboot/spin-off worse than Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe to come out in the last decade is the new Velma on HBO Max. Why use a well-known IP at all if you’re just going to change all the source material to do your own thing? Then do something original.”

“#Velma is really evil”

Many viewers point out that The problem is not only the characters, but also the plot itself or dialogues – although you will also find opinions that some of the jokes are funny. However, it is easy to see that very negative opinions about the production of HBO Max prevail.

It is worth remembering that currently viewers could only see two episodes.

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