Vatican. In a message, Pope Francis calls for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine

Vatican.  In a message, Pope Francis calls for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine

Vatican. In a message, Pope Francis calls for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine

Pope Francis prayed on Christmas Day for an immediate end to the “senseless war” in Ukraine. “May our gaze be filled with the faces of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who live this Christmas in the darkness, in the cold or far from their homes, because of the devastation caused by ten months of war,” he said in the Christmas message. He also spoke for the first time about the protests in Iran. He appealed for the bloodshed to stop there.

In his Christmas message from the balcony of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said: “May the Lord make us ready for concrete gestures of solidarity to help those who suffer and to enlighten the minds of those with the power to silence the weapons and put an immediate end to this senseless war.”

As he noted, “Unfortunately, people prefer to listen to other motives, dictated by the logic of the world. But who listens to the voice of the Child?”

Pope Francis delivered his Christmas messageYARA NARDI / Reuters / Forum

Pope in a message about war and conflicts in the world

Francis also spoke of the “hunger for peace” in other regions, “in other theaters of this third world war.”

– Let’s think about Syriastill tormented by a conflict that has receded into the background but has not ended. And let us think of the Holy Land, where violence and clashes have intensified in recent months, with people dying and injured.

“Let us implore the Lord that there, in the land that witnessed his birth, dialogue and the search for mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians may return,” he urged.

The Pope added: – May the Child Jesus support the Christian communities living throughout the Middle East, so that in each of these countries the beauty of fraternal coexistence between people belonging to different religions can be lived.

Francis on protests in Iran, aid for Lebanon and Africa

For the first time since the protests began in Iran He also called for an end to the bloodshed there. Addressing tens of thousands of faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square, the Pope said: “May the light of Christ “guide to a permanent truce in Yemen and for reconciliation Burma and Iran to stop all bloodshed.”

He also appealed for help for Lebanon “so that it can finally recover, with the support of the international community and the strength of brotherhood and solidarity.”

Francis also prayed for Africa. “May the light of Christ illuminate the Sahel region, where the peaceful coexistence of peoples and traditions is disrupted by clashes and violence,” he said.

Pope about those suffering from hunger, “especially about children”

On a day when it is good to gather around a set table, the Pope encouraged people to think of those who suffer from hunger, “especially children, while every day large amounts of food are wasted and resources are spent on weapons.” He recalled that “war in Ukraine further aggravated the situation, putting entire populations at risk of starvation, especially in Afghanistan and the countries of the Horn of Africa.

“Every war – we know it – causes famine and uses food itself as a weapon, preventing it from being distributed among already suffering segments of the population,” Francis said.

Main photo source: YARA NARDI / Reuters / Forum

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