VALORANT: The Fade character’s cosplay caught the attention of the game’s developers

Product from Riot Games he stirred a lot in the first-person shooter game market. A project called VALORANT from the creators of the legendary League of Legends He was primarily meant to threaten the position Counter-Strike‘in the esports world. It turned out that there is space for development for both games.

Flagship title from ValveAnd for many years he has been doing great and continues to achieve great results in playability and viewership, a VALORANT attracted many thousands of fans, professional players or analysts, often previously associated directly with CS GO.

The factor that makes these two games very different is the cosplayers’ approach. Rarely can you come across a situation in which virtual anti-terrorists and terrorists from the world CS-a are “animated” to the real world.

VALORANT regularly attracts artists who are inspired by the characters from the game. Fade is a character that inspires cosplayers a lot. A woman known on the web under the pseudonym “cle__fairy” published a project that attracted the attention of the creators VALORANT-and.

An Italian-Filipino artist posted the “revival” of Fade on Twitter. It is an excellent design that relies heavily on makeup. Influencerka perfectly prepared her appearance to resemble the heroine of the game from Riot Games.

The characteristic red line just below the eye line definitely distinguishes this cosplay from others. No wonder then that the woman caused a lot of buzz on the web.

Even the official VALORANT profile responded to the publication, which in very favorable words commented on it. This shows that the woman has been appreciated and it is very possible that this is just the beginning of her inspiration with VALORANT.

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