Vacation with strangers. “The lawyer got drunk to death and paraded around in see-through underwear”

Vacation with strangers. “The lawyer got drunk to death and paraded around in see-through underwear”

I read a text about leaving with a stranger from Facebook and I would like to describe my two stories – one negative and one positive. You can’t generalize that it’s always bad, although it can be terrible.

I’ll start with the nightmare. I am a fan of the Caucasus, just like the author of the text about skiing, I am single. On one of the travel groups on Facebook, I posted an announcement about going to Georgia and Azerbaijan. First, the lawyer came forward that yes, she was interested. We wrote a lot and she seemed like a nice person. Planning has begun. The entire program of the trip was written down point by point, every accommodation, every little expense. She didn’t even offer to help me with anything. Apparently, she was supposed to know English so that we could complement each other, because I know Russian very well.

Already with the electronic visa to Azerbaijan, the girl had a problem. Well, that’s what I helped her fill out. Not long before we left, we were joined by a third girl, a manager addicted to plastic surgery. The trip started with problems, because the lawyer’s train derailed. All the way to the airport, we organized transport for her so that she could catch her flight. We had booked accommodation in different standards, but all at the same price, most in the configuration of a double bed and a single bed.

Right after the arrival of Miss plastic surgery, without even asking us, she took a single bed for herself. The first walk around Tbilisi started with moaning why we walk so much, and the trip was supposed to be active, which was clearly stated in the announcement. The ladies talked mainly to each other, ignoring me and treating me as a free translator and organizer. The next day, our driver appeared, a nice boy who knew a little Polish. The ladies treated him with superiority and contempt, they did not even try to make contact with him. Miss Botox, of course, took the best seat in the car, making it difficult for me to communicate with our driver, whom I had to distract by giving him directions from the back seat. He asked us to switch places a couple of times, but the lady was unfazed.

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