Used cars in Poland. The market is shrinking, cars are getting older, more expensive and unavailable

The crisis in the automotive industry affects not only dealerships, but also second-hand car dealers – Rzeczpospolita points out. The newspaper points out that the automotive aftermarket in Poland is struggling with several problems, including a decline in the import of used cars and their increasing age.

The daily wrote that “the import of used cars from abroad is drying up more and more.” He also cited the data of the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute, which indicate that in August 2022 the number of registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, imported into the country by private importers, decreased by one fifth year on year (20.6%) and fell to less than 62.3 thousand

The used car market in Poland

“This is the weakest result in August since Poland’s accession to the European Union. An even greater decrease (21.2%) took place in the group of passenger cars, 57.3 thousand of which were imported. In total, the import of this group of cars has decreased since the beginning of the year by almost 17 percent, to 482.1 thousand ” said “Rzeczpospolita”.

She also stressed that “the decline in market capacity is not the only problem of potential buyers”. “Imported cars are getting older. According to Samar, the average age of a passenger car imported to Poland last month was 12.9 years, while the segment of cars with gasoline engines was even worse, where the average age exceeded 13.7 years” – we learn from the newspaper .

She explained that the situation on the used car market is “largely the result of problems in the new car market”. “

Their production and, as a result, sales were slowed down by problems with the supply of semiconductors, as well as weakened or broken supply chains caused by war in Ukraine. As a result, the replacement of used cars with new ones was slowed down: w Germany or in France, the most important markets for Polish car dealership owners, private persons waiting for a car ordered for production refrain from selling the currently used one. A similar situation takes place in companies, as well as companies involved in leasing or renting cars, since last year strongly delaying the replacement of their park “- we read.

These problems translated into lower imports from the vast majority of countries from which we import used cars. “Attention is drawn to a very large drop in imports from Germany (by 25.8 percent y / y), which, with a share of 52.3 percent, invariably remains the most popular source of imports” – indicated IBRM Samar, quoted by Rzeczpospolita. Moreover, “imports from Belgium, by 25.3 percent With Italian, by 14.8 percent with Switzerland“.

“Most of the imported cars have petrol drives – 57.8%, the share of diesel engines dropped to 41.8%. The brands are dominated by the German ones. The most popular is Volkswagen, which is slightly ahead of Opel and Ford. BMW, followed by three French brands: Renault, Peugeot and Citro├źn. The Opel Astra leads the model ranking, followed by the Audi A4 and Volkswagen Golf, “the daily wrote.

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