USA. The teacher quit her job and became a model at OnlyFans

Courtney Tillia in an interview with TMZ said that in the 3 years since she left her job as a teacher, she earned over a million dollars through her OnlyFans accounts.

Courtney quit her job at the school in 2016 because, she says, she felt underappreciated and her earnings were around $ 40,000. dollars a year. The woman emphasizes that she does not regret her decision, because as a model at OnlyFans, she finally became the mistress of her own fate. He adds that he would have to work at school for 25 years to earn a million dollars.

Surprisingly, Courtney told TMZ that she received tremendous support and lots of kind messages from strangers, including other teachers, who praised her decision to leave the education industry.

Her husband is also among Courtney’s fans! Moreover, the man not only supports her transition to OnlyFans, but he became the author of her sexy photos posted on the platform. He emphasizes that he is proud of his wife and how much he earns.

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